BHB Wins Signage Change, Parking Clarification at 20 Henry

Thanks to a campaign spearheaded by BHB reader my2cents and taken up by our Karl Junkersfeld (who made the video above), the City has installed new, easily visible signs adjacent to 29 Henry Street, which now make it clear that parking is allowed along part of the block except on Wednesdays, when street cleaning is done there.

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  • caitlin

    congrats you guys!

  • AEB

    Excellent work, my2, Karl, and Mother BHB!

  • dillweed

    Persistence finally pays off!
    So what are my chances of recovering my $60?

  • my2cents

    YAY! Karl, I saw you at Cranberry’s this morning and now I regret not introducing myself! Alas, I was super late for work. Oh well, maybe next time!

    Between this, Peter Kaufman, and the gravel issues, it seems we have become a voice to be reckoned with over local minutiae! :-)

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Don’t forget about the filling in of the pit outside Clark Street Diner. Heather’s piece with the figurines did the trick I think.

    The Green Lagoon is a thing of the past. I thought that was a great achievement for the blog. lol

    my2cents, I thought that was you. Only kidding.

    Funny I met nabeguy, in person, and had the pleasure of him driving me to Crumbs tonight for an excellent cupcake. They are pretty good. Yes please introduce yourself. I need all the friends I can get.

  • nabeguy

    I find this incredible…the city gets shamed into giving up a cash cow by a rabble-rouser and a guy with a camera. Talk about striking a blow for the little guy! Karl and My2. you are truly citizen-activist heroes. Kudos and congratulations.
    As for Crumbs, let me just say that the only thing sweeter than their cupcakes is Karl for having bought one for my daughter. Given that the man is on a mega-diet, I thought that was the ultimate sacrifice….although I have to admit that I didn’t accompany him into the store, so can’t testify as to whether he might have snuck in a tasting or two.

  • Mike


    You have more friends than you think.

    Don’t let the PC crowd get to you.

  • Mel

    Any recourse for folks who have been towed / ticketed from this spot?

  • nabeguy

    Mel, if you’ve already paid the fine, then good luck in getting it back. If not, you might have a case.

  • T.K. Small

    Karl, I know how you feel. Sometimes I think people don’t like me either. But Facebook reports that we are “friends”, so all is good, as far as I am concerned.

  • 66

    i got a violation ticket two nights ago while they already posted up the new sign!! actually all of the cars parked got an orange slip!!!
    these cops are shameless, they ticketed us at 12:10AM, of course they cant see no sign under the dark, and with all the scaffolding on 20 Henry St. I will plead my ticket not guilty and file a complaint!

  • nabeguy

    66, take a picture of the signs and bring it to court. You’ll get it thrown out.

  • Jackflag

    Has anyone tried to get a previously paid ticket refunded? The CBS2 news report mentioned that DOT would be issuing refunds. I find this hard to believe.

  • Dan

    Spare a thought for the cops. How are they going to pass their time now that they cant ticket innocent people or tow their cars for no just reason?