Car Crash at Henry and Middagh

Photo: MK Metz/McBrooklyn

There was a severe car crash at Henry and Middagh streets this afternoon which resulted in injuries to both drivers and extensive damage to both cars, one of which was propelled by the force of the impact off the street and against the wall of the building housing the offices of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Brooklyn Daily EagleTwo drivers had to be extracted from their cars and both vehicles were totaled when a Geo Prizm coming from the Brooklyn Bridge collided with a Nissan Maxima coming from Henry Street Wednesday afternoon at Henry and Middagh streets, directly in front of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle offices.

Fire personnel from the Engine 205/Ladder 118 station on Middagh responded, and both drivers were taken to Long Island College Hospital. More photos can be seen at McBrooklyn.

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  • WillowtownCop

    The website above reports: “Reporters from the Brooklyn Eagle rushed out of the building carrying cameras.”

    Thank you, reporters! When I am in a car crash, waiting patiently as the minutes tick by while I am bleeding out or trapped in a smoldering wreck that might explode, I will feel safe knowing that the media is here to help … with their CAMERAS. New American heroes!

  • weegee

    Those of us on the other side of the lens, in those occasional instances in which we arrive prior to PD/FD/EMS, have rendered assistance wherever possible. However, this incident clearly occurred immediately outside of the quarters of E205/L118; I doubt there was any delay in assistance.

  • WillowtownCop

    Weegee- A simple car wreck isn’t newsworthy. Would you want to be photographed in that situation?

  • Henry

    Fortunately no pedestrains were involved!

  • bornhere

    Willowtown — “Newsworthy” is in the eye/mind of the beholder, I think. When I read the above piece, I did click on the Eagle link for pictures and a fuller report — it is my neighborhood and I wanted to learn more; but it might not be “newsworthy” to someone in Chelsea or midtown. I also think the story about the lights at Envy is interesting (and I did check your pictures), but I doubt someone from Park Slope would care too much. As far as being photographed in particular situations: if documenting anything were to be subject to the approval of those involved in the particular situation (or PD, EMS, etc.), we (the public) would probably be the poorer. Some of the most memorable photos are those of fleeting/sad/happy/violent/simply human situations that capture moments in time, and not all moments are about people at their best or least vulnerable.

  • Nathan H.

    I don’t particularly like people crashing their cars at high speeds outside my home all the time. On Sunday two cars crunched up at Schermerhorn and Boerum Place, and three weeks ago a mildly crashed car for some reason propelled itself up on the sidewalk of Schermerhorn and was sitting their dented under our awning for an hour. It’s dumb luck that no one was run over.

    But yes, taking pictures of the wreckage would have been so insensitive to the drivers, who all emerged from their smoldering vehicles looking surly and bewildered. We should just sit outside with a first aid kit waiting for the next one to careen off Boerum, except, then we would probably be too dead to be of any assistance.

  • George Earl

    Let’s stop making Henry Street a race track. Sure, there aren’t street lights at the corner of every street, but that doesn’t mean that the oh-so-insecure drivers have to head ’round their corners without looking for other cars–and we pedestrians. And lay off those horns, out-of-country visitors!

  • Monty

    Right on George. I think maybe a light or some stop signs wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • JM

    “Henry Street a racetrack” Huh??? There are traffic lights at almost or all intersections along Henry INCLUDING a 4 way light at the corner where this happened. Sounds like somebody blew the light.
    I walk he length of Henry street almost every day and drive it almost every morning. I would hardly call it a racetrack.
    When did pedestrians in this city become so freakin lazy? Look both ways, cross at the lights/corners. It ain’t brain surgery.
    Some people won’t be happy until every street is a pedestrian mall.
    It’s New York CITY folks not Mayberry.
    OK…let the hysteria commence….

  • Ace

    “Look both ways, cross at the lights/corners” and be prepared to share the crosswalk with automobiles making turns at high speeds with total disregard for you or anyone else crossing.

  • nabeguy

    I know that corner quite well, as I walk it every day. The larger danger is not Henry Street, but motorists coming off the bridge exit at high speed onto Middagh St, and trying to negotiate the left onto Henry. Because Middagh is two lane for that one block between Cadman and Henry, I’ve often seen two cars side by side trying to make that turn, even though there is only room for one.

  • my2cents

    Clearly one of those people blew through the light. I don’t know about you guys, but I see a lot of that behavior from drivers in Brooklyn. Usually it is other neighborhoods, but it can happen here too. I am going to take a wild guess that the person at fault was coming down Middagh from the bridge and was trying to beat the light at Henry.

  • my2cents

    Also, those guys are lucky they crashed right next to the local firehouse!

  • epc

    “It’s New York CITY folks not Mayberry.”

    Interesting contrast. If Mayberry were in upstate NY or out on Long Island there’d be signs all over saying “yield to pedestrians in crosswalk”. For some reason, the law in NYC appears to be “speed up you bastard or you’ll miss the guy in the crosswalk”.

    It’s a brutal fact, but on any given day in NYC there are far more people walking around than sequestering themselves in their cars. I don’t think we expect NYC to become a pedestrian mall, but it would be nice, naïve I know, if drivers just accepted the fact that no matter how fast they drive, they’re not going to get to wherever the hell they think they need to be instantaneously, because it’s New York City folks, not Mayberry. Mayberry doesn’t have NYC’s congestion because, amazingly enough, Mayberry doesn’t have 9 million people wandering out and about.

  • my2cents

    Drivers in Long Island are even worse. I hate driving out there.

  • barkatmoon

    Coming back from movies with a view, a horrible accident happened at the corner of Hicks and Atlantic ave. Person was trying to cross the street before the light changed.

    Looks like their going to lose a leg! Calf muscle totally gone! Horrible.

  • XYZ

    No pictures of that accident? Would love to see how a gone calf muscle looks like. Where are the Brooklyn Eagle reports when you need them?

  • nabeguy

    Barkatmoon, that must have been terrible. I guess we’ll now have to ban movies in the park, as they seem to lead to stupidity when crossing the street.

  • nabeguy

    Ben, you may want to talk to your doctor about adjusting your meds.

  • Eddy de Laurot

    or switch to decaf…

  • Claude Scales

    …or saltpeter.

  • T.K. Small

    Ben, too much information…