Ben Stein Visits Sister in Brooklyn Heights

Ben Stein mentions his sister, who lives in Brooklyn Heights, in his latest essay for The American Spectator:

American Spectator: It was a short, pleasant day of work. On the way home to my hotel, the Essex House, I stopped to visit my sister in Brooklyn Heights. She had just gotten in late the night before from a long trip to California and looked tired at first but soon warmed up and looked like her usual lively self. I don’t spend enough time with my sister. She is almost the only woman on the planet whom I do not support and who loves me anyway. It might be that she is the only woman on the planet who loves me without being paid by me.

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  • Norman E-Mailer

    Sounds like a lovely guy.


  • Ben

    I understand how you feel we have more than a name in common. Money makes the world go around. My family loves me for me, and the lifestyle I provide. If I were to be broke tomorrow they would be mad a hell but one way or another I THINK we would land on our feet. They love you Ben. Your sister sounds beautiful write her into your will and dont tell her let it be a surprise someday long from today.

  • ABC

    Have I ever heard or read anything about Ben Stein that didn’t have money as a major theme? I know he writes about money, but I even read a thing he wrote about 9/11 and how he saw a women in a Prada suit that day praying. I think we were supposed to care more about her than someone who didn’t have money for a Prada suit, altho I can’t be sure.

  • Millstream Pigworker

    Ben Stein is a wingnut anti-evolutionary loon. The fact that he loves his sister doesn’t change that.

  • tb

    What about the show “Win Ben Steins Money”

  • tb

    ah hem, Stein’s

  • Andrew Porter

    He also did a movie about how evolution is a fraud; it’s been running on premium cable.

  • Claude Scales

    See here.

  • Arch Stanton

    Thanks Claude, now i know just how much of a schmuck Ben Stein is…. no wonder his sister doesn’t want any of his money…

  • nabeguy

    An interesting review…

    “Buehler?” Apparently, Ben’s logic is also playing hookie.

  • Ben

    I feel that y’all are mean, being rude to Ben Stein. I am appauled!

  • JM all I can say…Ben never disapoints me. What an a-hole! Saw him last night still pushing the same Repugnican talking points that put this country in the toilet.
    So we know now Ben “keeps” all the women but 1 in his life. Think I also know whose “keeping” Ben. Bet the Koch Brothers feel te same way about Ben as he does about his women!
    What do you expect from a guy who worked for Nixon…Nixon for cripes sake!
    Will we never move past these people and there failed ideology?
    (there..I feel better now)