Heights Artist: Ami Plasse


The 53 Boerum Place blog shouts out Brooklyn Heights artist Ami Plasse:

53 Boerum: Next time you’re on the 2 train, totally riveted by an article in The Times, and think nobody is paying attention—think again. You just might be the subject of a new series of drawings by Brooklyn-based illustrator Ami Plasse. Ami, a resident of neighboring Brooklyn Heights, has been drawing on the train on and off for the past 11 years and finally began publishing his drawings on a blog—appropriately named—Ami Underground. His expressive sketches take ‘people watching’ to a new level and capture the unique mix of characters and fleeting moments that are quintessentially New York.

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  • lifer

    Gothamist just wrote about this guy today..and didnt even give you credit for the original scoop…