The Supermodel is a Drummer

Nabe resident/supermodel and now /drummer Shalom Harlow talks about pounding the skins in Sunday’s New York Times:

New York Times PhotoNew York Times: Bang the Drums Softly: More than 10 years after giving the guitar the heave-ho, Ms. Harlow finally picked up another instrument: a pair of drumsticks. And almost instantly, the eureka moment she had had with tap shoes struck again.

“I love the percussion,” she said of the sticks and shoes. And like dancing, drumming feels more like an intensely physical exercise in coordination than does the guitar or piano. “It’s a right brain, left brain thing,” she said. “There are different beats, but cooperating together. It’s your whole body doing it, you’re doing the snare drum and the high top with your hands and the bass drum with your foot. You’re this whole motion machine.”

…Zen Buddhists might even take comfort in the drumming practice Ms. Harlow has engineered, something like a koan made flesh. She is shopping for a drum kit of her own, but there’s no hurry. She prefers something portable enough to travel to shoots with and does not want to annoy her neighbors in Brooklyn Heights.

Photo: NY Times

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