Reader: Nix on BHC Expansion


From the BHB Inbox comes a note from "L" who is against the recently announced plans to expand the Brooklyn Heights Cinema:

Bogus Plans for Brooklyn Heights Cinema Should be Aborted
    Sometimes bigger is NOT better and the new plans for the Brooklyn Heights Cinema is a case in point.  I just saw "The Savages" yesterday, 01/26/2008.  The screen was in TERRIBLE disrepair and has been for years.  Yes, the staff is wonderful and very accommodating.  And, I do go to this theatre as often as I can, just to support the sweet management and convenience.  However, the additional plans will not only throw good money away, it will be destructive.
    Several current services need serious improvement.  Due to the poor quality of the screens, I can't even drag family members to join me.  Luckily, I've friends who put up with inferior viewing.  As to the sound, even with pre-programmed trailers, the staff could monitor it better, manually when NOT asked.  The "new" seats are no longer in their prime.  And the temperature of the theatre itself is often questionable.  All year, I've learned to take added layers of clothing for myself and for partners.
    The management's core objective — to show/sell viewings — seems always to be in jeopardy.  During four of my last five visits, there were fewer than ten other attendees.  Yesterday's audience size was startling.  The house was 60-70% full.  Adding a bar can only foster the possibility of having loud-mouths.  Adding a restaurant is more nonsense, especially when area restaurants already do their thing; some of those restaurants continually fail.  If doubling the size of the theatre attracts car traffic, that would be bad for the locales.  And, the reduced current screenings already make attendance a challenge.
    The bottom line is that viewing, sound, comfort is just barely adequate, but only for those who — along with their film selections — let convenience be THE major factor.  Happily, the management IS a caring, hard-working group.  Their efforts ARE appreciated.  Still, I advise the management of the Brooklyn Heights Cinema to forget all the grandiose and destructive plans.  I suggest they build their audience by improving quality within the current parameters.  There's lots of room for improvement.


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  • Beavis

    Lordy, you’ll always find someone against anything.

    How about we start a petition to ban the easter bunny?

  • Jingles

    Homer just seems to be tellin’ it like it is from the streets. And dem streets are wack.

  • anonymous

    Talking about wack, whats happening on Remsen Street in front of the mad bomber’s house? Must be twenty police vehicles there and cops are going in and out.

  • Elvis III

    Completely off topic, but does anyone know the name of that amazing pizza place down by Henry and Union?

  • anon

    The pizza place is Lucali’s — Henry between Carroll and 1st.

  • statestreeter

    I think L missed the point. At its current size, this theater is never going to be profitable. They could improve the service and pack ’em in, charge $10 for popcorn, etc., and it still wouldn’t cut it. Either they expand it or it dies. While I’m not a shill for the owner, I think their idea is that by getting bigger, they’d have more money to justify service improvements.
    As an aside, I find this letter highly ironic in light of of the recent Regal flaps. Everyone on that thread (OK, except for the people whose main complaint was that they let minorities in) wished that Regal was more like BH Cinemas.

  • Les

    I think L lives nextdoor and is worried about his view or something…I guess he would rather have another sh#@@ty cvs or a gym instead of a theatre…

    with more $ coming in they would upgrade equipment and seats…but I think it is just fine

  • bubbles

    the expansion is a great idea. If they upgrade ala film forum or angelica they will be an even better asset to the neighborhood. A coffee house / cafe might be a better idea than a full blown restaurant. At the very least they need to update seating. Its still so much nicer to have the option.

  • Andrew Porter

    When I first moved to the Heights that building was a hardware store, with a barbershop on the Orange Street side. It wouldn’t hurt at all if the building gained another story.

    Meanwhile, has anyone noticed that at 60 Henry Street, the Chinese restaurant and the two vacant stores next to it have had new fronts put on them? I saw no notice of any Landmarks paperwork on the worksite.