Eagle: Brooklyn Heights Cinema to Expand


The Brooklyn Eagle reports today that the owners of the Brooklyn Heights Cinema are planning to expand with two more screens and a wine bar. Of course, this is all pending Landmarks approval:

Brooklyn Eagle: Movie Theater Looks to Expand…: “People really support this theater,” continued Mascena, a visual artist who has managed theaters in Brooklyn for the past 10 years. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Yet even diamond-in-the-rough businesses must stay current or risk falling to the wayside, especially in brownstone Brooklyn. To this end, Mascena revealed to the Brooklyn Eagle that Screen Arts Corporation, the owner of Heights Cinema, is in the beginning stages of expanding the small, art movie-focused theater into Brooklyn’s own Angelica. Plans include building two additional theaters above the existing low-rise building, and renovating the basement — which is a former bakery — into a wine bar/restaurant. Owner Norman Adie has secured a lawyer and architect to work on the renovation plans, she said.

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  • me!

    Yes Yes Yes. I love this place. I’ve always wondered why they don’t do midnight movies on the weekends. Seems like it would be a great thing with all of the college students around the corner at the St. George Hotel, no?

  • fishermb

    that would be awesome, i like staying local for movies. i usually see both movies playing there, would be nice to be able to go back soon thereafter to more options, and a new restaurant!?

  • http://keever.livejournal.com keever

    That’s brilliant news, and I very much hope it works out for them. That between the BHC and Cobble Hill Cinemas, I can do 90% of my moviegoing at independents within walking distance from my apartment is a huge neighborhood plus for me.

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  • mike

    Bring back matinee prices on weekends and/or the ten-ticket discount book next!

  • HDEB

    That would be great! A wait staffed dining/screen room with a full menu (or even just drinks) would be a wonderful novelty and (I think) make the cinema more of a draw from areas outside of the neighborhood. Yippie for 2 more screens of independent/foreign movies!

  • ABC

    great news!

  • http://adsformyself.blogspot.com Tim N.

    Very cool.

  • GHB

    Excellent! Good, comfortable theater showing (for the most part) good movies. Nice to have it so nearby!

  • lifer

    lets see, I remember seeing Sherlock Holmses’s ‘murder by decree’, ‘Animal House’, and that 80’s movie about the jeans with the holes cut out in the ass(‘so fine’ – google it!) all with notes we wrote the old owner “from our mom”- telling them they allow us to se the ‘R’ films…always loved that place… i’m in!….,

  • AliG

    what’s the deal with the Korres store on Montague? The sign on the window said they’d be open in mid-December. I just got a peak of the place this morning and it’s still gutted to the studs.

  • JL

    So glad to see such positive comments, this is good news indeed. Hope it gets approved.

  • hoppy

    What a gem this place is! It shows many of the best reviewed films throughout the year, especially the Oscar hopefuls/nominees come Dec.-Feb. (e.g. No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood), and additionally is very comfortable (much more so than Cobble Hill or the Angelica), with great projection and sound quality. I was actually concerned that they possibly weren’t making enough box office revenue to survive in this ‘hood. I’m very glad to hear of the bigger plans!

  • Luke C

    It’s a relief to hear they’re expanding, not going out of business! Being one of its immediate next door neighbors, it’s as convenient as watching a movie at home! And I second the motion for midnight movies, nothing more fun than seeing cult classics with the late night crowd!

  • Revroth

    I live minutes away from this theatre but never go, due to the inadequate sound (the volume is always way too low) and the inattention to quality control (last time I gave it a chance, for The Proposition, 1/3rd of the screen was out of focus for the entire length of the film). I don’t go to the Cobble Hill for similar reasons (Husbands and Wives fluttered in and out of focus for the entire film). Instead of expanding, I wish the owners of these theatres would invest in their equipment and staff so I didn’t have to go into Manhattan to see a film properly presented. Is this too much to ask for a neighborhood theatre? They’d actually get a lot more of my money, as opposed to the none they’re getting now, wine bar or otherwise…

  • LE

    I see lots of movies here and I find the quality of projection to be quite good esp compared to Cobble Hill…sound too low?are you sure it isn’t your hearing? half the screen out of focus(is that possible?)…besides “The Proposition” was about two years ago…

  • sandybottom

    I see the point about concentrating on good projection but I think that the bch truly does!!The screens seem well maintained and the staff cares (can’t say that for a theatre in the city!!!)

  • Bonz

    I would love to see this theatre expand. However, I would suggest
    that the owners consider putting one of the theatres underground
    and that the restaurant be put on the roof of an additional theatre
    built above the present one.

  • JL

    Nice idea Bonz. Many other locations have theatre’s underground, so no problem with that (you don’t want light anyway). However, this would only be desirable if they could get approval for a(n) (open air??) wine bar/eatery on the top.

  • Bonz

    Yes, any design and construction would, I assume, require landmarks and buildings department approvals.