Brooklyn Heights: Number 2 in Parking Tickets

Whine all you want about the lack of parking, but even if you do find a spot in the neighborhood you just might get a ticket:

NY Daily News: Tickets and Car Thefts on the Decline…: Residents of Brooklyn Heights, which ranked second-highest in the number of parking tickets, say that cops are all too eager to pull out their pads.

"[Traffic agents] are overly diligent about ticketing as many cars as they can," said Judy Stanton, long-time resident and executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association.

"If you come back from shopping, and park in front of the house and put your blinkers on and run inside with multiple loads, you'll get a ticket."

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  • Beavis

    Hey, some nambe’s got to be number 2. Also, some nabe has to be number 1 or number 13.

    Why should anyone have a problem with enforcement of the law? If you don’t park illegally, you won’t get a ticket. Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.

  • nabeguy

    B, if you have the right placard in your window, you can park illegally and STILL not get a ticket. In my neck of the nabe, the worst offenders are the firemen, who park in front of hydrants with abandon. God forbid if my house was ever to catch fire, I wonder if the offender would suit up first or move his car. I love them as neighbors, but it always unnerves me to see them violate the very laws that were created on their behalf.

  • Tim N.

    Huh. For years we were #1. Damn.

    B’s got a point, but personally, in the dozen or so years I’ve been here I’ve recieved four or five tickets when my car has been parked perfectly legally. Yes, you can fight it and get out of it, and always I have, but it’s a pain. I’ve wondered sometimes, given the number of tourists who come in to walk the promenade, if they write the tickets thinking and out of towner won’t fight it.

    Just another argument for resident permit parking… then the traffic cops will know who to mess with. :>)

  • Remsen Street Resident

    Enforcing the law is fine, but why not enforce aspects of the law that have a greater impact on quality of life? The police should focus more on ticketing those who violate noise pollution rules (excessive horn honking, extremely loud stereos blaring out of cars parked on neighborhood streets), and less on ticketing people who are sitting in their cars having moved to the opposite side of the street a few minutes early. Ticket revenue would increase and I imagine most neighborhood residents would be much happier.

  • frank

    I applaud the officers who give tickets to the parking elite…those who double park anywhere…anytime…for any reason. Maybe a walk to the market would be good exercize for Ms. Stanton?

  • Jay

    Agreed. The double parking is ridiculous, but RSR has a great point. Apparently, the parking officers are not allowed to give tickets for “moving violations”, which include horn honking, loud stereos, etc. I thinkk that some ass laying on his horn outside my window has a bit more impact than a UPS truck that is parked “illegally”.

  • Tim N.

    Jay… sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

    Horn honkers…. water balloons.

    Seriously, here’s a good one… a Jersey guy in an SUV pulls up behind a cab letting somone off in front of my building and immediately starts leaning on the horn. I go to the window to see what’s up. The woman gets out of the cab, shoots Jersey Joe a look, and he comes back with “You’re blocking traffic, you #@*#%*!” She just looks back at him and says, “Shut up, fat man.”

    I love my nabe.