Peel Out

Flickr photo by simplytaty

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  • me!

    I love this guy. Anyone know any backstory?

  • LChaim

    I’ve seen this guy too and have been fascinated by his story. He does have a Daily News article that he carries with him. But I wonder how and when did he come over from England? Where does he get his merchandise. How much does he make? Does the product work as well as he claims? And why does he choose Brooklyn to sell his miracle cutter as opposed to more crowded streets in Manhattan?

    And if his product does all that it’s cracked up to be, why hasn’t he prompted more imitators?

  • T.K. Small

    I sat and watched him one afternoon for the better part of an hour as I waited for a friend. During that time he easily sold 20 pieces. Later another friend purchased one of his peelers and tried it on some carrots at my house. Unfortunately it was kind of flimsy and did not work too well. However my friend is kind of awkward and, for entertainment purposes I would purchase another one!

  • bornhere

    I saw him on my way to work this morning, as I usually do, on 17th and Broadway. Literally on the corner. He seems to appear only when the Farmers’ Market is at Union Square (M, W, F), and I always wonder what the difference is between what he sells and a random peeler. He seems to be so passionately engaged in his demonstration (and I’m always in a hurry), but, while waiting for the light to change, I’ve never determined exactly what the magic is. But he does seem to love his work.

  • ld

    His name is Joe Ades. Vanity Fair wrote a fantastic article about him in May of 06. (sorry, I cant find a link to a free article.) He sells peelers by day… and drinks at the Pierre by night. Explains how he gets his peelers in huge shipments from Switzerland delivered to his Park Ave 3-bedroom apartment.