Grimaldi’s Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere… This Year

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Grimaldi’s won’t be evicted this year fo’ sure:

Brooklyn Paper: The owner of the building housing the famous DUMBO pizzeria was ordered by a judge today to accept late rent payments and allow the coal-oven joint to remain at its Old Fulton Street location — but the landlord says that she will kick out the late-paying restaurant when its lease expires in November, 2011.

But today’s news — the stay of execution by Judge Robin Shears — was as satsifying as a Grimaldi’s pie for owner Frank Ciolli.

“There is a God!” he said as he left the Downtown courtroom. “We’re staying in Brooklyn. Let’s go have some pizza.”

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  • Digger

    Brought to you by the same judge as gave us this judicial masterpiece, which led to her being transferred to Civil Court . . . . Daily News Article-Judge Robin Sheares, who jailed mom for keeping son from visiting rapist dad, transferred

  • brooklynheightzer

    Good dig Digger. Just goes to show that our judicial system is far from being perfect, as we all know, and also shows, if we extrapolate from the absurdity of decisions made by judge Robin Sheares, that Frank Ciolli should be out on his a__.

  • dx/dy

    Why exactly can’t the owner of Grimaldi’s pay his rent on time? Don’t they make enough money off all the tourists that line up to eat their over rated pizza? Sorry, I feel no pity for Grimaldi’s, pay your rent on time!

  • Obama?

    Why is judge Robin Sheares, who jails a mother for refusing to send her 9-year-old to visit his serial-rapist father on the other side of the country, & throws biased tirades from the bench, still a judge in any court??? This is NOT justice!!!

  • nabeguy

    It’s justice Obama?. Blind justice. Deaf justice. And certainly, dumb justice.

  • jesse

    If Brooklyn judges are unwilling to enforce simple obligations contained in standard contracts such as commercial leases, it could have negative impacts for many.
    Why should banks lend money or approve mortgages in a city where legal contracts are ignored and bent at will by certain judges?

  • Arch Stanton

    Does anyone know what excuse Grimaldi’s claimed for the late payments?

  • Peter

    PS, just wanted to give proper due credit to those who recommended Sam’s for pizza. I went there this weekend, and the pizza was absolutely delicious, great call!

  • Miky

    I hope Grimaldi’s stays for much longer. Lines are obnoxiously long. Pizza is erratic — anywhere from great to so-so. And the take-out fee annoys me. That being said, it is good for the neighborhood. People visit Brooklyn (and maybe eventually move to Brooklyn) because of spots like Grimaldi’s. Maybe we think the visiting Manhattanites or other tourists should know better, but they don’t. So be it. Let them keep coming anyway.