Running For Yassky’s Seatsky

Let the games begin! As City Councilman David Yassky enters the race for City Comptroller, three folks have thrown their hat into the ring to represent the 33rd District.

We're so engerized (not!) about this group that we'll give you the topline but suggest you read this article in the Brooklyn Paper for the deets…

The Best We Can Do?!

31_04_evanthies_i.jpgEvan Thies – 28 years old, grew up in New Hampshire. Worked for Yassky. Lives in Willamsburg.

Fink thinks: Shouldn't he be running a web 2.0 start up… err sumthin'?  Just sayin' he's got that look about him. Won't make up my mind on him until we know how many pairs of khaki pants he owns.

31_04_stephenlevin_i.jpgStephen Levin – 27 years old, grew up in New Jersey. Works for Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Lives in Greenpoint.

Fink thinks: He ran an anti-predatory lending campaign. He might just have a heart of gold. Won't make up my mind until he plays Match Game at Magnetic Field. Yes, that's an invitation Stevie. For that matter, all of you are invited.

31_04_joannesimon_i.jpgJo Anne Simon – 55 years old, grew up in Yonkers. Attorney focusing on the rights of the disabled. Lives in Boerum Hill.

Fink thinks: Jeez, she's qualified for this job but we worry about her taking the pay cut. If we had to endorse (hey we don't endorse we just pontificate, ok?) she would have the inside track.


Flickr photo via NoLandGrab

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  • Santo Fasil

    Why are there two interns running for this council seat? The only thing you should be doing at 27 is chasing tail!

  • Mark Thomas

    Thies is great. He’s the only one who actually worked in City government and knows what he’s doing!

  • T.K. Small

    All jokes aside, Jo Anne Simon is an excellent attorney and will represent this district well!

  • Claude Scales

    They all look good. And, Homer, will you please get over this “Yassky … ___sky” thing? It’s had its day.

    I had great intentions of making the first night of “Match Game”, but domestic duties interfered. I mpromise to move heaven and earth to get to the next one.

  • Homer Fink

    Isky will neversky stopsky… unless you prefer ubby dubby.

  • Joralemon

    My vote is for Stephen Levin