Coming Soon: In Treatment with Gabriel Byrne

Nabe thesp/Hillary Clinton supporter Gabriel Byrne's new drama In Treatment makes its debut on HBO on January 28.  The series, which is based upon an Israeli TV show, will air a new half hour each week day for nine weeks (a total of 45 episodes). Each day of the week will feature a different set of clients with Friday highlighting Byrne's character Paul Weston's session with his own shrink. Cast members include Tuesday's patient Blair Underwood and Dianne Wiest as Paul's therapist.

Will this innovative new show propel Byrne to the title of "Most Famous Brooklyn Heights Resident", usurping Paul Giamatti?

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  • Shimon Peres

    How innovative can it be if it’s based on another TV show?

  • Billy Reno

    Bah! Bring back Flight of the Conchords!

  • Irene B.

    Gabriel Byrne is one of the best actors around today, whether in movies or stage. Television will only show his talents to a wider audience. I am sure the series will receive critical acclaim.