Beer and Wine Now Available at Pier 1

The Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar has its license and began serving alcohol at its location on Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, today.

New York Post: Public boozing in Brooklyn Bridge Park becomes a reality today, as the café on Pier 1 gets to make use of its newly acquired beer and wine license.

At around noon, the Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar — which sits on its plaza in the park at the foot of Old Fulton Street — will start serving wine and beer. All-Brooklyn beer.

“Yesterday, we were Brooklyn Bridge Café, and today we’re the Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar,” said concession General Manager Charlie Marshall. “We love the park and we’re excited to be here.”

Alcohol may only be consumed in a designated area adjacent to the Wine Bar.

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  • Arch Stanton

    No hard liquor :(

  • nabeguy

    And Arch, don’t expect Bud or Miller Lite either. Probably something more along these lines…

  • Obama?

    You mean our government is actually going to permit adults to drink beer & wine in the great outdoors? In public? Almost like they do in France? Wow!

  • Mickey

    Leave it to the NY Post. Allowing beer & wine in a designated area hardly amounts to “public boozing”!!