Nabe Blogger’s Odd New Website

v6rsP0Lfo3enukl0AVqU2iI2_500.jpgNabe resident/weblebrity Jakob Lodwick has nerd tongues wagging today with the brief launch of  The website, which is meant to be satire, displayed "fashion" photos of the homeless and this message: is an open, crowd-sourced, web 2.0 application powered by Tumblr. Why the name "Norbum"? Simply put, Norbum is like Nordstrom for the homeless. We bring to you the latest in urban street fashion from the people who live it. Rather than relying on an elitist group of professional editors, we invite our readers to submit photos of the most stylish street people from around the world. If you spot one of these edgy trendsetters, just snap a photo and email it to We'll post the best ones to

The site is now down. 

Lodwick, founder of Vimeo, recently left communications conglomerate IAC. Shortly thereafter, he put his psychiatrist couch up for sale online.

Update (1/3/08): Lodwick denies creating the site on his blog today.  He does admit to registering the domain names adding, "I might make fun of homeless people in the future." Meanwhile, Valleywag, the Gawker Media site which broke the website story yesterday, continues its "coverage" of Lodwick today.

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  • ABC

    enough about this guy.

  • nabeguy

    Despite intentions, I’m not sure how this could be considered satiric…cruel and pointless, yes, but satiric? And it’s not even an original idea…remember “hobo chic”?

  • Tchad

    Jakob rules!

  • No One of Consequence

    even less original after Derelicte, too

  • Jakob Lodwick

    Jakob here. I didn’t make that site.

  • Area Man

    The Onion also made that joke in “Our Dumb Century.” (“Homeless catching on to ‘Grunge’ Trend”)

    ‘sup Jakob.

  • yo

    Can you please stop posting about this guy. No one cares about him.