Marty First in Freebie Travel

Our Borough President, Marty Markowitz, is a frequent flier on other folks’ dimes: Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz accepted more free travel than any other New York City elected official in 2009, records released Tuesday show.

Markowitz and his wife Jamie traveled to the Netherlands from March 18 to 21, and they spent Nov. 13 to 17 in Turkey on someone elses [sic] tab. The trips cost between $5,000 and $39,999, according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the story, the trip to Turkey was because Markowitz was invited to speak at the 9th annual World Congress of Councils Conference. He and his wife “attended a quadricentennial celebration for New York City under the consortium name NY400″ in the Netherlands. Travel expenses of the latter trip were paid for by Keukenhof Garden and the Dutch government; and lodging and breakfast for the couple was provided gratis by the Grand Hotel Amrath Amsterdam. The article does not state who paid for the Turkish trip.

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  • Publius

    At least he’s first at something.

  • digby

    non story. period.

  • william

    Who said Pigs can’t Fly?

  • Ombama?

    Marty, what’s going on here!?