News 12: Cadman Accident Victim Still Critical

Update:  News 12 Brooklyn is reporting that the woman hit by a livery car yesterday on Cadman Plaza West, now identified by the NY Daily News as Shanttarag Raghunanan, is still in critical condition.  News 12 Video

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  • Luke C

    Living just off just Henry St. and working in DUMBO, I walk that route everyday and have learned to be very wary of the limo drivers and cabs that come speeding off the Brooklyn Bridge with a long view ahead to the light at Cadman and Middagh. If they see it’s still green, they will speed up to make the green light, woe to those pedestrians crossing. Henry St. itself is not much safer: the limos speed up the street, blinded to turning traffic and pedestrians by the lines of double-parked cars (mostly other limos) – watch this street for the next near-fatal accident…

  • nabeguy

    Good to hear that the earlier reports of her demise were unfounded, as tragic as the circumstances are. As a resident of Middagh Street, I’ve know that particular corner to be extraordinarily dangerous. Given the amount of tourists that cross it in their way to the Brooklyn Bridge, I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents (and I’ve seen some bad ones, although this was one of the worst) The blind curve off the exit from the bridge, as well as the one that sweeps up from the river front, make for particularly dangerous scenarios.

  • Peter

    I too am very happy to hear that she survived this terrible accident, and that earlier reports were not indeed true. I wish her and her family the very best, and I am confident she will soon be able to swear in as an American citizen (think how amazing that day will be now after everything this poor woman has been through).

  • ChrisC

    Also very glad to hear that she survived, albeit is still in critical condition. That exit off the Brooklyn Bridge is incredibly dangerous — not only does it have the blind curve that nabeguy mentions, but you take your life into your own hands if you try to get into the left hand lane for CPW by properly entering from the right lane of the bridge. Those taxis come swooping in at the last second from the left lane of the bridge — I’ve seen several near misses! Thanks for the update BHB..