Eddie the Eagle: Schvitzing for the News

Mascots are awesome. Always.   Our Karl Junkersfeld (not a mascot…yet) meets the Brooklyn Eagle’s mascot Eddie the Eagle on Henry Street.  Karl mentions that Eddie must be hot in “that suit” but we don’t understand what he means by that.  Eddie, like David Blaine’s magic, is real — not “some guy in a suit”.  Thank you.

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  • crice

    Referring to your blog about the residents who “whine” about noise — not everyone may be able to “saunter” down to the park to join the fun. Because of the amplifying water and the wall of buildings across, the music that comes into buildings is LOUD, yes, but also “sketchy” and therefore no longer music but an annoying LOUD noise.
    Some of the people who complain are the ones who have donated money and time during more than 25 years of seemingly endless meetings and frustrations in order to make this park a reality. Why should the expression of their needs be dismissed as “whining” and their needs ignored?

  • Homer Fink

    @crice – Please keep your comments on topic. The post about the noise is here: