John Legend Eats Pizza, Shoots Video in Brooklyn Heights


BHB tipster Brian sends in these photos and video of today’s John Legend and the Roots video shoot in Brooklyn Heights.   The singer will be releasing an album of covers in September.  The video shot today was for the collection’s  lead single, a cover of Harlold Melvin and the Blue Notes’ “Wake Up Everybody”.   Legend was dressed in a funktastic 70s inspired outfit for the production.

In addition to the Roots, Melanie Fiona and Common are also featured the track and were here today for the shoot.  More photos and video after the jump. (Wait… is that Papa John’s? Really John?)



Also check out Karl Junkersfeld’s video of the shoot on YouTube.

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  • nabeguy

    I stopped by the set on Cranberry with my daughter and her 2 friends and although we didn’t get to see Mr. Legend (did see Commotion however), I was surprised by the relaxed mood. Only one burly security PA and he was genuinely polite in keeping the crowds in line and at a distance, although we were only about 15 feet from the actual set. A lot of kids were extras in the shoot and my daughter and her friends delighted in playing with them in Harry Chapin Park. It seemed like everyone was having a great time.

  • David G.

    Papa Johns Pizza…… really?

  • Matthew Parker

    Cranberry street was left filthy this morning. Litter abounded, including a lot of Heineken bottlecaps (guess the public drinking laws don’t apply when you have your own burly security guards?)

  • nabeguy

    Apparently, they started having TOO good a time after I left.

  • adam

    Matthew, please move to Westchester. And bring the rest of the transplants in Brooklyn Heights with you!

  • Jason S.

    @ David G. That was my thought exactly. I mean c’mon, who gets Papa Johns in Brooklyn!?

  • jorale-man

    Matthew has a point – why should we tolerate litter in our neighborhood? Or any neighborhood? Cleanliness shouldn’t be reserved just for suburbanites.

  • hoppy

    @ Jason

    After reading MP’s post, I was actually thinking who drinks Heineken in Brooklyn?

  • Sticky

    John Legend is a toolbag with his Papa John’s. No we should not tolerate litter…

  • fan0heights

    your comments are like the trash left over…i have an idea, go get a broom and sweep it up. Instead of complaining, do something. if you have time to write on here, you have time to clean up the bottles.