Downtown Brooklyn Transportation Meeting


From the BHB Inbox:

The Downtown Brooklyn Transportation Blueprint is a planning process and plan to meet the multi-modal transportation needs of Downtown Brooklyn for the next 20 years. The Blueprint integrates planning for pedestrians, transit users, cyclists, motorists and goods movement. The project considers the implications of growth; developing goals, policies, strategies and initiatives that are focused on maintaining and enhancing access, mobility and quality of life as development occurs.

Official website 

The meeting is scheduled for January 10, 2008 at Brooklyn Borough Hall from 4pm – 8pm. [Flyer in PDF format

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  • Sam

    transportation studies usually mean one thing.
    Public transit stays as is, no improvements
    but driving becomes harder and more expensive.
    Screw the folks!
    Its all their fault anyway.

  • nabeguy

    Typical cart-before-the-horse scenario. First, you green light development along a mile-long stretch from the Manhatten Bridge to the Atlantic Yards that will add in the area of 40,000 new housing units and Lord knows how many office units and THEN you worry about how that might have an effect on traffic patterns.

  • lady montague

    That’s what it’s like to live in a dense city, Sam. Do you really think less regulation of cars will make driving easier or less expensive? (Ever been to a place like Bangkok?) On the contrary, I think it would encourage more driving and more cars on the road – making drive times slower, making parking even harder to find (and more expensive in lots), and adding real costs in terms of lost productivity, oil consumption etc.

  • lakisha

    The intersection at Adams and tillary streets remains treacherous despite numerous meetings with dot officials, etc. On a daily basis locals and tourists alike corss dogging cars, potholes, and untimely lights. Do we need another fatal accident for DOT to review the matter?? 7 years and counting….

  • nabeguy

    I’m sure when they put in the toll booths for the BB, things will slow down on Adams & Tillary. Until then, even the cops directing the traffic seem to be fair game the way some people come flying off and on the bridge.

  • HDEB

    A toll booth on the Brooklyn bridge?

  • nabeguy

    Well, maybe not a toll booth, but if you’ve been following along, the idea of a toll on the East River crossings has once again reaered its ugly head this week. Of course, Marty volunteered to man one of the booths.

  • epc

    NYC Trafffic
    * Eliminate on street parking in Manhattan
    * Impose congestion surcharge in Manhattan
    * Impose tolls on the East River bridges and reverse the toll on the Verrazano

    Pick one.

  • Billy

    I completely agree that streets are too congested. I hate everybody else’s car. Who are all these people with cars? They should take the bus, and leave the streets to me. I think there should be a $30 toll on the Brooklyn Bridge, That would be sweet. I could probably sail across it n three minutes at rush hour. Leave the streets to those who can pay, like in London. The Brits have always undestood class priviliges.

  • JL

    How about parking permits in Brooklyn Heights, so those that actually live here and pay taxes at least have a chance of scoring a parking spot. (I could also see permits for those that work/own business in the area, provided documentation requirements were stringent, and/or they restricted business permit holders to particular blocks). I know this has been discussed by the BHA a bunch of times, but obviously, nothing has come of it.

  • HDEB

    Yeah for congestion pricing and good use of the streets like the new bike lane on 9th ave in Manhattan. Part of what makes NYC great is that it was (mostly) designed before cars and traveling by foot, bike or mass transit is faster, cheaper and more efficient.