Taste and Travel with Fat Dave

Famous Fat Dave's Eating Tour cab spotted on Henry Street.

Famous Fat Dave's Eating Tour cab spotted on Henry Street.

Among the Zip Cars, Hybrids, and SUVs large enough to tote the Partridge Family, a vintage cab marked “Famous Fat Dave .Com” recently rolled through the streets of Brooklyn Heights. Who is Fat Dave and why is he famous?  The  Checker cab is part of a five borough eating tour where patrons can hop in and chow down on classic NYC treats like pickles, pizza, and cannolis.

Dave carts his hungry passengers on tasting tours lasting 2 to 6 hours, with 5 to 20 tastes depending on which package is selected. Feeling famished? Brave the “Fat Elvis Package,” consisting of the maximum 6 hours, 12 spots, and 20 tastes. For more information on packages, rates, and how to find Famous Fat Dave, visit www.famousfatdave.com, or just try to hunt him down in your local neighborhood.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/phooscasity Paul

    Great post! This is so cool!

  • Robert Guenveur

    Great find!
    Its Checker cab, not checkered, built by, the Checker Cab Company. Great vehicles, missed by those of us lucky enough to have driven one.

  • Homer Fink

    Robert – you get an honorable mention as “citizen copy editor of the week” !!! Seriously.