Stench on Montague?

Our Heather Quinlan complains of a foul odor in the vicinity of La Traviata restaurant, between Henry and Clinton on Montague. She describes it as “like hot ammonia and trout.” Has anyone else noticed this?

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  • willowtowncop

    I think it’s coming from the sewer. I smelled the same smell on Columbia and President this morning.

  • lcd

    It was BAD this morning – I often smell it in the morning between Henry and the subway entrance. Can never pinpoint the source since it seems to cover several storefronts. ugh.

  • RobtN

    Yeah, it must be the sewers – I caught it on Montague @ Clinton, then on Henry between Remsen & Jerolemon. I’m sure the heat & lack of rain isn’t helping any. Yeech.

  • harumph

    what is so bizarre this morning was that as strong as the smell was, there were still people eating their breakfast outside in the thick of that stench – bleh!

  • michael

    Newsflash: The city tends to smell like shit when it is ONE HUNDRED FREAKING DEGREES OUTSIDE!

    Did you all just move here?

  • bornhere

    There is a horrible smell on the north side of Montague from the corner of Henry to the florist almost EVERY (summer) morning (and has been for a couple of years), and harumph is right — it doesn’t seem to deter the outdoor breakfasters at Grand Canyon. I never thought it was from the sewers — I always thought it was from the restaurants’ overnighting something not great inside or from the food delivery trucks that are dropping off in the morning. The upside is that it is such an olfactory assault that it makes the daily descent to the R train almost bearable.

  • Nancy

    It’s the special of the day at La Traviata

  • Cranberry Beret

    What you smell, my friend, is the stench of the asking rents on Montague Street

  • nabeguy

    Ha, good one Cranberry.

  • AEB

    But I LOVE hot ammonia and trout! They do it really beautifully at “Grenouille.”

  • Cat

    Smelled the sewers on State St. while sitting at Palmetto Park this morning. But only got a couple of whiffs before I was overcome by the stench of belching 18-wheelers on the BQE.

  • DTH

    This is nothing new. This stretch of Montague Street always stinks on summer mornings and often at other times of the year. Yesterday was a particularly strong day – you could smell it from Remsen Street. The stench is not the sewer, but is the liquid spillage from the bags of food garbage left to ferment overnight in front of the restaurants on this stretch. Since there is no access to the back of these buildings, they have to leave their gargage on the street for morning pick-up. If you look closely at the curb, you can see the puddles of pink-brown-puke-fluid that are the cause of the smell. The early morning restaurant staff at some of the restaurants try to spray and clean, but it’s not done often enough. There must be a solution to this in the bagging, storage or pick-up of the garbage, or in mandating more consistent clean-up.

  • Obama?

    The rats one sees running about the same location, especially directly across the street during late nights, are quiet foul too!

  • Ben

    DTH is correct summer stink on Montague Street in the mornings are normal have been this way forever. When I was a younger guy who had worked at brooklyn Union Gas I would park on Henry and walk down Montague and the stench was bad then I moved to the neighborhood and the same stench in the early mornings. Amonia is not the worst part of it.

  • Ben

    obama? I see big rats at the end of Remsen at Montague Terrace and the Promenade they run under to the side of the Patty Duke House.