Open Thread Monday 7/5/10

Flickr photo by quartley

Flickr photo by quartley

A bonus Open Thread.  What’s on your mind?

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  • AEB

    It’s SO hot that [fill in]…..

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I’m melting……….

  • shamrock

    I’m wilting…….

  • AAR

    I am struck by the community spirit and generous nature of several BHB contributors in recent days. For example – signs to keep unwary drivers from parking near 20 Henry, efforts to rescue goldfish in a too warm pond, concern for water filling the house on Pierrepont Pl. I am sure that there are many more acts of neighborly concern in BH and these are reasons to love our not too exciting neighborhood. Thank you!

  • T.K. Small

    I agree with AAR. While there are some chuckleheads among us, there are many more considerate and mindful people and, I would not limit this observation to adults. A few months back I was moving my wheelchair off of the curb of Hicks Street near Hunt’s Lane and somehow got stuck. A few feet away from me there was three or four teenagers (around 13-15) that realized my situation and came over and offered assistance. With just a little push, I was on my way.

  • WillowtownCop

    If anyone is in the market for a dog, we took a beautiful, friendly Alaskan Malamute to the shelter on Linden Blvd today and he should be up for adoption in a couple of days. They have lots of dogs and cats there that need homes.

  • lori

    The shelter on Linden Blvd is the worst place in the world. They have mostly pit bulls there and any dog that is not a pit bull is held for either a rescue group or a fair. We saw a border collie we wanted, we got a huge runaround, they sent her to a rescue place in Yaphank (which was recently raided and closed for animal neglect) and, by the time we got her, her kennel cough had turned into pneumonia. Our vet wasn’t sure she would make it, but we did manage to nurse her back to health. In addition, the Linden Blvd shelter was closed for two weeks last year because 16 dogs had died there in a short period. I hope the Malamute makes it.

  • Andrew Porter

    Just had to share this with the good (and not so good) people of BH:

    Think I’ll pour some cold milk over my head now…

  • Joe

    Anyone know what happened to Nine West or will go in that space. I think they are closing that location.

  • WillowtownCop

    Wow, Lori- I hope your post doesn’t prevent anyone who was looking to rescue an animal from considering Linden Blvd. Those are the animals who need the most help. Your information about non Pit Bulls being held for rescue groups is incorrect, and if by the “runaround” you mean the three day waiting period when an animal comes in to give its owners a chance to pick it up, I hope your dog never runs away. It shouldn’t be a problem for the Malamute- its former owners saw fit to live it locked up by itself for four days in a sweltering, filthy apartment in the Gravesend Houses and won’t be allowed to pick it up. Linden Blvd is a giant step up for most of the animals that end up there.

  • Fritz

    Where’s that sign in the picture at?

  • Brooklyn1

    The bar at 136 Atlantic avenue is called Last Exit. That is where the sign is from.

  • north heights res

    I’ve worked with AC&C on Linden as both a rescue person and an adopter, and while the place has some problems, it does a good job considering its resources and the number of animals it takes in. It also recently was lauded for being able to decrease the number of animals it euthanizes. I’d encourage people to check it out for themselves before shunning it.

  • north heights res

    and another note: my kittens decided that it would be great fun to dig up the keys on my laptop, and I’m having a devil of a time replacing them. Is there anywhere in the area that might do this?

  • harumph

    @north heights res – in dumbo there is this place which we like

  • T.K. Small

    There is also a computer repair shop on Atlantic Avenue between Clinton & Court on the north side. However, I do not have the name or contact info.

  • north heights res

    Thanks, T.K. and harumph.

  • Monty

    @AAR, I heartily agree. As a parent, it seems the playground community is incredibly friendly. My parents were visiting from Long Island and were surprised that other parents would just spontaneously say hi to or offer help to their grandchild. I think there is a gross misperception that New Yorkers are rude because their experience is midtown crowds of grumpy commuters. Nothing against my parents, but Brooklyn Heights is a 10X better place to raise a child than the suburb I grew up in.

  • AEB

    north heights, here’s a pace I’ve used several times, and once for the very problem you describe. It’s in Manhat, though:

  • George Earl

    HATS OFF TO THE POTS! Finally an aesthetically-minded person found a way of protecting we Heights cuties from falling into the 4×4 square mud thing on the sidewalk next to Clark’s restaurant. There are two grand, ballroom-size cement pots on either side of that muddy hole, both of them carrying basketball-player-high fresh green baby trees. When you think of all the folks who walk by that area, glance out at it while having their morning eggs, even give it a stare from up above in their fine homes, it is definitely a step forward. Now let’s hope that those “runnin’ round the corner” delivery trucks don’t see those planters as things to aim at.

  • justaneighbor

    NOOOO…someone please tell me 9 West isn’t really closed..??? Awful :(

  • Andrew Porter

    Don’t worry, it will be replaced by a cellphone, realty or nail store.

  • Heather Quinlan

    I talked the Clark St. Restaurant guys into putting their smaller planters around the hole. Video is here:

  • someone

    AAR – I want to acknowledge the Gold St. police precinct for their neighborly spirit. About 1 a.m. one 26-degree winter night I discovered a Persian cat which had been locked out of its home. The cat was obviously in distress, but I couldn’t risk ringing bells at that hour to determine which house it belonged to. Had I had no other option, I’d have carried the cat home and kept it until morning, but who knows if it would have cooperated. The precinct gladly sent a squad car, and the officers didn’t mind ringing bells, despite the hour. The grateful owner was soon located.

  • north heights res

    AEB, your kittens tore up the keyboard?

  • nabeguy

    It’s a kitten-key-kalamity!