Rear Window is Brooklyn Heights’ Big Video Rental

The NY Post ran a story today about NYC’s “best sellers”.  Our own Mister Video III made the article:

NY Post: At Mister Video III in Brooklyn Heights, the choice is “Rear Window.” The 1954 Hitchcock classic is more popular than “The Godfather” or “Manhattan.” “It’s the all-time best seller,” manager Sal Blandino said. “It gets rented two or three times a week for the past 15 years. People in Brooklyn Heights can relate to the story; they’re used to looking out at their neighbors and seeing weird things.”

Wonder if they have this version of Rear Window:

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  • Samantha Wasko

    And join us for Rear Window on the big screen on Thursday, July 29 at the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s 11th annual Movies With A View series presented by Syfy, this year on the newly opened Pier 1. For more information and the full line-up visit!

  • nabeguy

    Did you rent it from Mister Video III?

  • lifer

    funny one nabeguy- (I’d “LOL” but refuse to write those letters as a response)