KA-BOOM! Fireworks on East River

The fireworks over the East River tonight are courtesy of Children’s Day at the South Street Seaport.

Loud enough for ya?

Karl Junkersfield video

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  • Adam Kemmerer

    AMAZING!!! thanks for letting us know who to thank. the view from our roof was unbelievable!!! BRAVO Children’s Day At South Street Seaport!

  • Joe

    Beautiful from Pier 1 but kids didn’t like it as much as I did due to noise.

  • Melissa

    Anyone know how to find out the schedule for upcoming fireworks?

  • Harry the Horse

    The fireworks were advertised as starting at “dusk”. They started at 9:30 pm, over an hour post-dusk. Did they mean when it was dusk in Chicago? While 9:30 is fine for older kids, it really was wrong for them to start so late- many disappointed youngsters.

  • Erin
  • Rochdalian

    My floor was shaking!!!

  • Lori

    The fireworks at 9:40 PM last night (the usual time for fireworks to start) were SPECTACULAR – kind of makes up for the 4th of July and no crowds! They were sponsored by TARGET.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I agree with Lori 100%. They were SPECTACULAR.. Really enjoyed them with my neighbors up on the roof.

  • jorale-man

    I’m curious if there will be views of any fireworks over the harbor on July 4th – not the big Macy’s show, of course, but any from Jersey or Staten Island? I seems like there should be something…

  • Andrew Porter

    You can usually see stuff in NJ waaaay over there, along the shores of Jersey City or Newark.

    Aren’t there always fireworks in the summer sponsored by South Street Seaport —come out and shop till you drop, suckers— at 9:30pm on Thursday nights?

    Last night I called friends in Manhattan and screamed “We surrender!” into the cellphone, but I couldn’t hear their answer.

  • Mona Bregman

    Last night’s fireworks were brought to us by Target. Every year, they sponsor the fireworks for Children’s Day. They are usually the best fireworks of the year. I was on a terrace on Willow Street. The barges were directly in front of us. At times, it felt as if the displays were coming right at us. They were FANTASTIC! Thank you Target!

  • Teddy

    I had a great view from my roof. I was looking around at the other roofs and only 3 or 4 had people on them. When Macys has their 4th of July fireworks on the East River, a lot more roofs are packed with people. A lot of people were either unaware of the Target fireworks or just out of town. As for young children & fireworks, their ears are much more sensitive to noise, so fireworks can actually be like a little torture to them. The sudden explosions that seem to be “coming at them” don’t help either. I always encounter a bunch of crying children at public fireworks.

  • Brian Kadar

    Here is video I took from the promenade last night (the last 10 minutes, they were long!):


  • Carol Ziegler

    Perhaps because I’m in the sound-path of East River Fireworks, I would ask that the powers that be cut-down on the number of evenings when the “bombs” go “bursting in air.” Fourth of July, of course. I agree with David Yassky. They belong here. The many, many, others, not.

  • lois

    Thanks for the video, Brian. The finale lit up the whole promenade, so that you could see everyone watching from there.

  • heightsdiho

    One of the great things about living in the Heights is the seemingly random fireworks displays. Yes, they are loud, but spectacular. How gray and dreary the world would be without celebrations. Hurrah for the pyrotechnics!

  • lois

    Thanks for the video, Karl – and for the music you added.

  • Heather Quinlan

    Great minds, Karl! I used the 1812 Overture when I filmed something called Punkin’ Chunkin’ a couple years ago:

    Though the song will always remind me of Caddyshack :)