Unapproved Rooftop Addition at 113 Columbia Heights

jsw_113_columbia_htsBrooklyn Heights Association Executive Director Judy Stanton sent BHB the photo above, noting that this structure has not been approved by the Department of Buildings or by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and has been reported to both. Your correspondent rushed to the scene and spotted the structure, which is visible from Pineapple Street between Columbia Heights and Willow, now draped with a blue waterproof covering. We’ll keep an eye on this.

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  • ashton

    this guy knows it will take years for them to make him take it down. Build it, then negotiate. its a concept.

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s amazing how people move here because Landmarking has made the neighborhood so wonderful, then think they can get away with changing stuff without permission. Dumb. At least we caught them before the vinyl siding went on…

  • my2cents

    The fact that the Dept. of Buildings doesn’t know about it means it’s being done without a permit. That is more problematic to me than the landmarks thing. What a weird little structure that is…
    Also, I disagree that Landmarking has made the neighborhood wonderful. Landmarking saved the neighborhood from distruction at the hands of Moses, but it is overly restrictive on individual homeowners’ decisions about their own property.

  • nabeguy

    It looks like a very well appointed pigeon coop.

  • Captain Oh No

    NOOOOO … someone added something to their home!! What’s next, non pure-bloods walking on our sidewalks???

  • Peter

    Did this place have a banner hanging from it the other day?

  • harumph

    Captain Oh No you didn’t. Historic districts are beautiful because there are rules in place…where you might not find this offending, perhaps someone else does, or it might block light or view for another….