Mr. Hyde’s Cool Ride

The New York Times features Brooklyn Heights resident/real estate and investment banking consultant Jan Hyde and his AWESOME 1960 Chevy in today's edition: 

New York Times: Injected with Inspiration: Mr. Hyde drove the silver-and-white Fuelie from San Francisco to Cambridge, Mass., in 1965 to attend Harvard Business School. He met the woman who would become his wife, and he took her on their first date in the Fuelie. “There were some issues with the seats at the time, so I had them removed to be fixed,” he said. “Phyllis sat on the floor.”

He and Phyllis moved to New York and settled in Brooklyn Heights. Mr. Hyde established himself as a real estate and investment banking consultant, while she raised their son and daughter. (Now their roles are flipped: he is at home, and she has a medical practice.)

In his free time back then Mr. Hyde read enough books on motor sports to fill the shelves of a room in their attic. He also enrolled in racing school, and in 1966 bought a Corvette racecar with the goal of competing on the track, as his idols had done.

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  • Claude Scales

    Lovely car. If only it were Kandy Apple Red.

  • blowhard

    ohhhhh… a rich person. How fantastic.

  • GHB

    Blowhard, you blow… hard! It’s not about a rich person. It’s about a guy with the coolest car in the Heights!

  • 177

    Anyone have any idea how LOUD that car is? I live in the building next to this guy and he sits in the car on weekend mornings and reeeeevvvvvs the thing up for 10-15 mins at a time. Its a lovely way to wake up…

  • John

    It took less than a day for this article to find its way to Pittsburgh. Mr. Hyde has as much historical significance as the Corvette, as shown by the comments in the article. I’d love to discuss Mr. Grady Davis with him , as Davis is currently under consideration for Corvette Hall-of Fame honors. I’d appreciate contact info. John

  • David Feingold

    I now live in New City (Rockland County) and am the original owner of a 1965 Feulie with only 4260 miles on the clock. it is also a convertible with clip-on hard top like yours. It is unrestored and in pretty nice condition. I’m 65 years, went to R.P.I. to study aero. e. and have loved Vettes since driving my high school sweetheart’s 1957.