Big Tent in Nabe Explained


BHB pal Sean T. Conrad wrote us earlier today with the noggin scratchin' question: "What's that big tent under the Promenade?"  Well, the newshounds at the Brooklyn Eagle have the answer:

Brooklyn Eagle: Shed Being Built…: The planned Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 2 is about to host its first big party. Workers on Tuesday began building a tent that would hold some 3,000 people from the fundamentalist Jewish Hasidic sect, the Satmars, who will be celebrating the arrival of the European Jews at the end of World War II, according to A.J. Carter, a spokesman for the Empire State Development Corporation. [Full story]

Photo: Sean T. Conrad

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  • Tim N.

    Does that mean it will be gone by Sunday? Thanks be to God.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like what they are marking, but I’ve been having to look at this halogen-lit monstrosity right out my window for two nights now, and if this is what the park is going to be like, then I say bring back the Strober Brothers.

  • Beavis


    My heart bleeds for you having others ruin your precious window view of lower Manhattan for two whole nights! Perhaps you can sue the City for cruel hardship?

    You poor thing.

  • Moshe Friedman

    I just drove on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) and I saw the preparations for this event WOW its huge! All cars are breaking when you pass the exit of Cadman Plaza/Brooklyn Bridge at the Waterfront Piers, I think its dangerous for the highway because everybody is looking down to check what’s going on down at the Waterfront

  • lady montague

    First the Satmars came trick or treating into our neighborhood, and now this!

  • Tim N.

    I’d explain light pollution to you, Beavis, but as it involves polysyllabics, it’d probably take a long time.

    Suffice it to say, if someone put up something fugly outside your building, you’d probably not be nuts about it either, assuming you cleaned the window periodically.

  • GHB

    It’s outside my window too… who cares? Let the festivities begin! Next week, back to normal.

  • Frank Gehry

    Large glowing tent > condos.

  • nabeguy

    Light pollution? I haven’t heard it put quite that way before. From the angle of the picture, it looks like you’d have to be living right on Furman Street for the lights to be shining directly into your window. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make sense that they need to leave the lights on at night if the event isn’t until Saturday, unless they happen to be working on it around the clock, in which case I’d think that noise might be a bigger factor. Oh, wait a sec, I forgot; the BQE would drown that all out.

  • GHB

    Nabeguy, the lights actually do shine directly in to west facing apartments above the Promenade. Those floodlights are almost like daylight. Same thing happens when they film in the neighborhood. Anybody notice the commercial being filmed on Montague Terrace last night? I was told that it was a bra commercial. They suspended a huge glowing orb (no joke) above the street. From a distance, it reminded me of Cosmo’s moon in “Moonstruck.”

  • hoppy

    I’d love to see the tent remain and a hockey rink put inside.

  • columbia heights guy

    Thanks for explaining the huge tent. Yes it’s huge and ugly and we have kept our shades drawn every night to stop the bright light from shining into our apartment (directly facing Pier 2)… but thankfully it is very temporary and will come down after the party this weekend.

    It’s really not a big enough deal to compain about though… I feel so blessed to live in Brooklyn Heights, with this incredible view of the harbor and lower Manhattan from my back windows. It’s still New York though… sometimes there are parades, fireworks, celebrations, and other events that cause temporary inconveniences… no matter where in the city we live.

    I know very little about the Satmars, but I hope their party is a success…

  • eric

    Yeah, GHB. I saw that orb. It was down by 8 or 9pm though.
    I hate when film crews take over all the parking spots.
    At least this crew was full of production assistant assholes trying to prevent us from getting to our homes.

  • Richard Wayne

    Hiya Group.
    I saw this huge tent and wondered what itis all about. My search engine brought me to your blog. Thank goodness.
    I finaly got it all right. A Jewish group/congregation the biggest noise makers in the ultra orthodox population in the world(!) named Satmars have come to split, .. to make the story simple: Holy Rabbi Teitelbaum left these wild orphans to his nephew who couldnt handle them as his uncle who was extremley smart and holly.. well, he kept them together, but his older son Aron who got officialy power in Kiryas Joel – Monroe Upsate NewYork abused his people, so most people vote him out and chose his younger brother to lead their congregation who has people all around the world wherever Ultra-Orthodox jews lives. Aron who is more enrgetic and strives for lost power took the younger brother and his people to court several times and lost every apeal… Aron isnt giving up, and cant get a decent place for his followers in the City, so they got their tent up here in OUR non-Jewish neighborhood. Shame on him! Why isnt he doing it all in HIS upstate town.

  • Edward

    Richard, anyone with half a brain can see exactly where you are coming from.

  • replying to Edward

    But anyyone with a whole brain reads the facts. Dont kill the messenger.