BHA: Less Chains, More Variety

The NY Daily News reports today that several chains including Starbucks and Duane Reade are looking for more locations in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Heights Association points out that more chains could mean less variety:

NY Daily News: Starbucks and Other Brands…: But not everyone is onboard for more chains in Brooklyn. "We not getting any variety. You turn around, you get another real estate broker, another bank, another cell-phone store," said Irene Janner of the Brooklyn Heights Association.

"We certainly have enough drug stores to OD ourselves. Where's the butcher? Where's the baker? They're gone!"

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  • grammarchecker

    I think the BHA wants FEWER chains.

  • Nelson

    True, and while we’re on the subject of “drugstores” Where are the drug stores? Certainly not CVS, Rite A or Duane R. the pharmacy is relagated to the rear behind row upon row of groceries and Woolworth items. Speaking of Woolworths, there were wonderful.

  • Kris

    no more chaaaaaaiiiiiins, please. this is one of the benefits of living in a nabe like the heights. there’s already too many on montague.

  • sh

    If you don’t mind taking a stroll, the non-chain Wyckoff corner pharmacy on Court street is worth the trip. Bassam, the pharmacist, is great. And they’ll deliver to the heights if you’re feeling too yucky to make the trip yourself. Support local businesses and let’s keep the chains to a minimum.