Squadron: Condemnation “must not be on the table” in BQE Reconstruction

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

This in from State Senator Daniel Squadron (photo above at Pier 6 opening), whose district includes Brooklyn Heights:

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is in desperate need of a major rehabilitation. It will be a long process, and it is currently in the early stages. I commend the State Department of Transportation for the openness it has demonstrated in these preliminary stages. Obviously, as we move forward, any proposal that takes people’s homes cannot and must not be on the table. I look forward to working with the community, DOT and everyone involved in BQE rehabilitation to build a highway that better serves Brooklyn and all of New York.

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  • Homer Fink

    Thank you, Daniel for doing “the shouting”.

  • my2cents

    That velvet lectern looks luxuriously soft.

  • nabeguy

    It shouldn’t be on the table, under the table, even in the same room as the table. Thanks for getting that out there, Mr. Squadron.

  • Josh

    Looks like Biviano was out there too:


  • ashton

    so silly, as if any of these cowardly lions had one iota of influence or one ounce of gravitas.
    The state and federal environmental review laws are quite clear. Historic assets must be protected. If worse came to worse the affluent citizenry of the Heights would sue. If they could prevail in 1955, they can prevail today.
    The baby politicians just mostly ask their experienced secretaries what to say.