Call for New York Accents!

Do you have a New York accent? Do you love it? Hate it? Or haven’t really thought much about it? Whatever your feelings, come talk to me tomorrow anytime from 12-1. I’ll be standing on the corner of Clark and Henry chatting and hopefully filming, if you don’t get shy. This is for my film about the accent called If These Knishes Could Talk, where I’m documenting the various New York accents, how they evolved and where they’re going. If anywhere. And even if you don’t have an accent, come on by. I’d love to meet our BHB readers, and chances are you’ll have an opinion on the accent anyway!

Note:  Video is NSFW

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  • Ben

    Is the handsome guy with the gray hair in the pic here Jerry Aiello the stud from Montague Terrace?

  • my2cents

    Is Linda Richman coming for some cawfee tawk?

  • Sue

    I worked with Jerry and he is much cuter than this guy!