Nabe’s Subway Cyrano Story, Now with More Fishy-ness

Gawker continues their coverage of the nabe's Subway Cyrano Patrick Moberg today.  As we previously discussed this story is getting really fishy, especially after Moberg swore on his website to NOT EVER talk about his "found" lady love ever again.  That is, until ABC's Good Morning America came a-knockin'. Moberg says it was all HER (aka Camille Hayton's) idea:

Gawker: Moberg Blames…: "GMA basically hunted Camille down at all costs, and had her commit to doing a story with them," he wrote, later clarifying, "'Hunted Camille down at all costs' is probably not quite right. They were very nice throughout the process."

Say what exactly? Here's the thing: While TV producers can be very aggressive, nobody is really about to drag you into the station and cuff you to a cushy armchair! So why'd Camille want the airtime, and does it have anything to do with her employers, who are currently raffling off a date with one of her fellow interns? We're still waiting to hear from the braided one herself.

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