Lebanese Food Festival Next Weekend

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral, Henry and Remsen Streets, will present a Lebanese Food Festival next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 4-6. From the Festival organizers:
The 2010 Annual Lebanese Food Festival is a celebration of Lebanese and Mediterranean food and culture. Come experience and enjoy authentic savory Lebanese dishes, wines and beers from Lebanon, and irresistable dessets.

Skilled bakers make fresh thin “Marqouq” bread on the Sajj as you watch. You can also enjoy meat …pies, cheese pies, or savory thyme and oregano pies with extra virgin olive oil and summac made to your order as you watch.

Come take in the sounds of Lebanon, and dance the folkloric dances, as hunderds do to lively beat of Middle Eastern music. The Festival also features live music performances, and a classical music concert on Saturday June 5th.

Full Lebanese menu

Grass-fed beef kebab grilled on oak charcoal
Chicken kebab
Kibbeh, Fattouch, Tabbouli, Mjaddara, Loubia,
Stuffed grape leaves, Hummus, Baba Ghannouj
Sajj bread, Manaqeesh & lahme b3ajeen
Almaza Beer, and Lebanese Wines
Lebanese Food and Pastries

Abeer Nehme Concert, Saturday afternoon

** GAMES AND RIDES for the KIDS **

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  • RemsenDweller

    Once again, we on Remsen between Clinton & Henry (not to mention the rest of the neighborhood) are forced to listen to too-loud music. We ask that it be lowered (instead of blasted) and get nowhere. I’d love to buy some of their food, but the church is not considerate of my needs so I will not support it!

  • jorale-man

    For me the issue is the cars parked on the sidewalks on Henry Street. There was a cop standing right there as row and rows of cars were illegally parked, not only blocking the bike lane but much of the sidewalk as well. How is that allowed?

  • RemsenDweller

    Actually, I am pleasantly surprised — as the day progressed the music sessions have been kept short and there’s been a lot of peaceful time in between. Very good, Lebanese Food Festival — keep this up and I’ll join you for felafel tomorrow. Thanks.

  • RemsenDweller

    Well, there on again. Now, if they could just keep the music to a non-rock concert level when they’re playing their sets…

  • http://dishonestdaily.com Visitor

    The Lebanese Food Festival was over priced and the food was mediocre however, the deserts were very good and reasonably priced. Now to the Music, I believe I saw two or three people with the DJ doing absolutely nothing but playing really loud popular Egyptian Music…..wasn’t it the Lebanese Food Festival? You could not have a conversation without yelling.