New Procedure for Chopper Noise Complaints

Note: this is an update of an earlier post that has now been deleted. BHB has been advised that all helicopter complaints are now being received by 311 operators, who will create a helicopter complaint “Service Request” to track and deal with the complaints. Monthly reports will also be provided to NYCEDC, elected officials, and the Downtown Manhattan Heliport to monitor the noise complaints.

Helicopter complaints can also be registered through 311 Online by using the “Noise from Helicopter” link.

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  • s.

    just curious, does everyone really find the chopper noise more irritating than the incessant car horn honking (on streets that have signs posted listing a fine for horn honking)?

  • K

    In response to S. –absolutely–the helicopter noise is far more annoying. One day last week it seemed as though 10 helicopters were landing on the roof of our building.

  • Luke C

    Yes, I find the helicopters far worse although I’ll admit it’s a location thing. Our apartment faces the backyards of several buildings and when the helicopters hover over the BQE in the morning, the sound reverbrates loudly in that space. They’re stationary for 10-30 minutes between 6:00 and 8:00 AM.

    I used to try calling 311 and they would tell me to call the regional helicopter pilot’s assoc. which I figured was like complaining to the NRA about guns. Glad we’ve got an outlet now! Thanks BHB for pushing this issue!

  • vjc

    The helicopters have invaded our neighborhood. The idling–landing/takeoffs at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport are non-stop, ten hours a day, seven days a week. I feel as if I am under siege living in a war zone.
    Thank you posting these news on 311 development and I hope that we all make an effort to call.

  • David on Middagh

    There are only two things that ever made me wish I owned a shoulder-mount missile launcher: the malfunctioning PS 8 alarm system, and the helicopter.

    (PS 8 was resolved, thanks to the building super.)

  • Andrew Porter

    I used to make snide comments about how “I never have a Stinger missile when I need one” but nowadays, you never know who’s listening, so…

    I do so love those cars (and garbage trucks, sigh) that blow their horns in the middle of the night. Thanks, guys.

  • Claude Scales

    Andrew: you made me think of one of my favorite tales of 1960s paranoia. A writer described how he learned that he was under FBI surveillance because his name was on the list of people who had made threats against the life of the President. When he asked how he got on this list, he was shown a photo of him at an antiwar demonstration, holding a sign that said, “Johnson’s war in Vietnam makes America puke.” He asked how this could be considered a threat against the President’s life, and was told, “If enough people puked on the President, it would kill him.”

  • veronica ryan-silverberg

    I have also been very distressed by the helicopter noise from the Downtown Heliport and have been complaining to the FAA (I think that’s who it is) and they have been responsive to a certain degree. They recently told me to call NYC Economic Corp 212 312 4226 to complaint as they are the ones driving the restrictions.

    As of this last week (especially over the weekend of the Red Bull Air show) there is major traffic up and down the East River. Also, last night June 21 @ 10PM there must have been at least 10 helicopters going up the East River over the Brooklyn Bridge and Tues morning June 22 they are flying back and forth.

    I live in the Seaport area across from the new park and the noise is at times so unrelenting.

    I am not sure who else is out there complaining, but I am, and I think they need to be held to the new flight restrictions.

    I would be interested in adding my voice to others if there is a channel of complaints established or, if not, are there others just doing it on their own.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from anyone interested.

    Veronica Ryan-Silverberg