Fire Ravaged Laundromat Moving to 140 Montague Street

BHB reader Chris reports in:

I went to the burnt-out Laundromat next to Montague Wine & Spirits on Saturday to see if there was anything left of my laundry. Unfortunately not, but owner told me that they are reopening in the former Korres spot at 140 Montague in around 3 weeks time… The owner is also taking details from people who lost their laundry in the fire and hopes to be able to provide claim details for her insurance company soon.

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  • AEB


  • beth

    YAY! I hope they are able to have more washers and dryers in the new spot.

    Still missing George though.

  • Ben

    I had lived on Montague Terrace for many years and these people were the greastest – I was a good steady customer and they showed me their appreciation for my business with dependable, and excellent service. I hope the new place is larger, wider – on several occasions I had tripped over laundry bags on the floor.

  • Greg

    This is good news, but I have a question: Is there a self service laundromat that is currently open? And if so, where is it? Where is everyone doing their laundry. I’ve been leaving the state to do it; and that’s not an option anymore.

  • cascascas

    @Ben – hear, hear for the new place being wider!

    @Greg, don’t know about self-service, but I’ve been using the wash and fold service at Mandalay One (aka the “Chinese Hand Laundry”) at 111 Montague since the fire, and I must say the service is excellent and reasonably priced.

  • kwc

    @Greg – I’ve been going to the laundromat on columbia place. It’s a bit of a hike for me, but on the plus side, it’s much bigger and roomier than the place on montague and less expensive.

  • beth

    Greg, I’ve been washing things in my sink.

  • x

    we had been lugging them over to Atlantic Avenue and Henry st

  • DL

    the laundromat on columbia pl/joralemon is near the Iris Cafe – a great place to wait for your clothes to dry. (Just don’t go during peak weekend brunch times since everyone else has now discovered it!)

  • Alanna

    I’ve been dropping off at the Chinese Hand Laundry on Montague but its a little pricey. Anyone know what time the laundromat on Columbia Pl closes on weekdays? thanks.

  • desperate

    Since this posting, I’ve been desperately waiting for Korres to transform into a laundromat. I walk by every morning trying to get a glimpse of what might be going on inside the dark space but it’s always too hard to tell because of the tinted black windows.