Pussy Galore


"Marta" writes the BHB Inbox regarding a feline rescue:

Please post a story regarding a female kitten who haunted the Brooklyn Bridge footpath in Cadman Plaza Park during late September.  She was caught on 1 October and is now living in a much safer environment (with me).  Bella has had her first vet appointment (very reluctantly) and was declared feline HIV, leukemia and worm free.  I met cat lovers (presumably coming off the Brooklyn Bridge) from all over the world while feeding/tending to her when she was still in Cadman Plaza. She was such a charmer/social butterfly that many people also fell under her spell. I know of others who were also looking after and trying to rescue her, so they must be wondering what's become of her.  I tried to inform everyone of her happy outcome by placing this announcement along the footpath 2 weeks ago. 

An "announcement" was posted near the Brooklyn Bridge footpath earlier this month as well (download PDF).  Bella the Cat is now living on Pineapple Street.

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  • Kris

    now that’s one lucky kitty! hooray, bella!

  • T.K. Small

    I am happy that Bella has found a good home. However, how did she get her name? My immediate thought would have been to name her after Washington Roebling’s wife, Emily, who was invaluable in getting the Brooklyn Bridge completed. A couple of more suggestions are: B.B. Cat and Bridget.

  • brooklynbee

    Congratulations on your new cat, Marta!
    And congratulations on your new human, Bella. :)

  • Teresa

    I tried to catch her a few times to no avail, though we did spend lots of time playing in the leaves. I am so happy that she’s found a good home–thanks for so considerately letting us know about her.