Target Shoot at Heights Cafe

This just in from Greg at Heights Cafe — the restaurant will be closed for lunch today due to a photo shoot for Target at the eatery.

UPDATE: It’s a shoot for Target’s in-store advertising. We eagerly await the Tinseltown flash, but as of right now they appear to be in the planning phase. The mise-en-scène on the table below is a plastic dinosaur, spaghetti, sippy cup and flowers.

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  • aliG

    This restaurant should remain closed. Probably the worst food in the nabe.

  • A Neighbor

    Bah humbug. If it were that bad, it wouldn’t be so hard to find a table. Delightful place to have a glass of wine, a salad, and chat. They understand about space and light.

  • aliG

    Space and light tastes great..

  • David on Middagh

    It may not be the finest cuisine ever, but I am soooo glad a restaurant is there, and not another real estate agency — like the one that took over the John’s Pizza space a block away. *still weeping*

  • aliG

    Loved John’s Pizza. Tragic.

  • Alanna

    Food is horrendous – space and light, however, great!