Millman: Heights Grocery Options Stink!


Regarding the addition of a Brooklyn Heights stop to the Fairway supermarket shuttle, State Assemblywoman Joan Millman tells the Brooklyn Eagle, “We do not have adequate grocery store options in the neighborhood, so it is my hope that the free shuttle to Fairway helps address this community’s needs."

The shuttle made its first stop in the nabe yesterday at the 55 Pierrepont senior center.

Photo: Streetsblog

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  • NrthHeights

    Can we get a shuttle schedule? How much does it cost? Maybe I’m out of the loop but this is the first I’ve heard of it and I think its great…Peas and Pickles is just gross and Gristedes isn’t much better.

  • ABC

    There are many, many areas in brooklyn without adequate grocery store options, but Brooklyn Heights is not one of them. Might not be the best, but certainly “adequate”.

  • spring

    Shuttle info: The shuttle will depart from the Eileen C. Dugan Senior Center, located at 380 Court Street, on Tuesday, October 9th at 10:00 AM and return to the Dugan Center at approximately 11:30 AM. Due to limited seating on the bus, shoppers must call Assemblywoman Millman’s office at 718-246-4889 to sign-up.

    Sounds like it’s on a trial basis, so if a lot of people show interest they may amp up the time slots and seating availability. Tuesdays at 10am? Not good for me.

  • Brooklyn Enthusiast

    The shuttle is a great idea. IMHO, Key Foods on Montague could use a good clean up and reorganization. I went in there once and abandoned my shopping cart because it was so cramped and dirty.
    Fairway is great, but don’t go on the weekends because you will lose your sanity trying to navigate the store. I would love a Super Stop & Shop — big isles, reasonable prices and self check-out options.

  • hhh

    is it free? who pays?

    I agree, between Key Food, Gristedes, Garden of Eden, natural food store and FFresh Direct, we have some adequate options. Here.

    I assume they’ll p/u in Bed Stuy too?

    (we do NOT have adequate middle school options if Assemblywoman Millman is looking for a real cause.)

  • lakisha

    she should certainly focus on the associated market on tillary street!!!

  • ABC

    I suspect this is about getting the votes of the seniors.

    Not really about what the neighborhood needs, but what the Assemblywoman needs.

  • spring

    We do have options here, but I often have to travel to two or more stores in order to get all my grocery shopping done. It might be nice to be able to make one stop and get everything.

  • lady montague

    Not sure why people complain about Key Food Montague being dirty, cramped, etc. It’s not perfect, but this particular branch compares favorably to other city stores. (I’m exempting mega stores like Whole Foods, Fairway, etc., which are not necessarily cleaner or more spacious, though sometimes are, but are really a different animal.) And very favorably to other neighborhood stores like Gristedes, Atlantic Key Food, etc. – now THOSE are gross. Get used to city living – don’t expect a suburban one-stop shopping paradise.

  • lakisha

    clean supermarkets with fresh food is not an option it’s a necessity!!! some of the markets in brooklyn should be fined severely for what they sell – and speaking of seniors – how sad that they must resort to shopping where meat is spoiled and products are expired…..

  • Juliana Bunim

    I know it’s not a viable option for everyone, but Fairway offers $5 delivery (it’s free if you spend over $100) to Brooklyn Heights. It’s a great excuse to ride your bike down there and do all your shopping without the burden of carrying your groceries home. My experience is they deliver within an hour or two.

  • HeightsChancellor

    It’s sad that some of you have allowed yourselves to accept either of the Key Foods or the Gristedes in the hood as acceptable grocery stores. I won’t even set foot in the montague store. These stores are dirty, way overpriced, they smell, the staffs are rude, they r always out of the exact thing that you need, the sale items NEVER ring up as such (do i hear class-action suit anyone?) and there is absolutely NO joy in the shopping experiences. These shops should be condemned and forced to close to allow for stores like Fairway (incredible selection, MUCH cheaper) to open in their places. It’s amazing that the parent companies don’t change things up. In these locations, they could be making soooo much more money, but they just let the crappy old status quo reign. I would be embarrassed to be an exec at one of these chains and walk into 1 of these stores. Stand up, consumers…boycott! :)
    Remember, fairway delivers FOR FREE if your order is $100+. So take your bike/bus down there and then go home and wait for your buzzer to ring.

  • splash

    Personally, I love Fairway. I can drive down there and park in a “parking lot” and shop. It has EVERYTHING and more. Key Food on Montague is horrible. I shop there if I need something fast and there have been SEVERAL occasions I have bought spoiled food…meats, vegetables…I had a meal worm crawl out of a green pepper. I refuse to shop there anymore. I wish the health department would shut it down!!!!

  • nicky 215

    good for joan Now stop the gross deal in brooklyn bridge park she and marty (who??) gave away. why did shelly silver get a park for his people and joan and company got a mega development for us.

  • suck it up

    an awful lot of crying going on in here …

    “it’s soooooooooo terrible, in the Heights, lovey, whatever will we do?”

  • HeightsChancellor

    hey sucky,
    the heights rocks. all we said was the food stores suck…just like most do everywhere else in the city.

  • tired of the people of BH

    I am sure that if whole foods and fairway was unionized like our local supermarkets it would suck to.
    These whole foods type stores can hire and fire, not offer health insurance no pension plan to their workers, and pay minimum wage so consider that its not a fair playing field.

  • ABC

    Yes, I agree that whole foods has extraordinarily dubious labor policies. And they are not friends of local farmers. (the omnivore’s dilemna is an excellent book about this)

    But, heightschancellor, you don’t have to shop at Key Food if you don’t want to. You can shop at Garden of Eden, order from Fresh Direct, join the CSA and p/u a week’s worth of cheap and organic food every Wednesday at the Unitarian church on Pierrepont, or ride your bike to Fairway.

    To say that this neighborhood doesn’t have adequate grocery options doesn’t stand up. Sure, Key Food is more expensive and has less selection than Fairway (which has to do with rent and unions, etc.). We all know that. But having a shuttle (paid for my whom?) that stops at senior centers is all about getting votes. Nothing more.

  • suk it up

    Chancellor wrote: “all we said was the food stores suck…just like most do everywhere else in the city.”

    Yeah, no kidding. I understood the discussion fine. Your “sarcasm siren” should have gone off.

    Yeah, most food stores in the city have some issue or another. That said, why is this even a topic of discussion? You want better food? Find a way to get it. You want to live somewhere where there is a better selection? Move. Otherwise, accept that you’re living the golden life living in the Heights at all. Since you can afford to be there, you can afford to find a way to take what you can get.

  • suck it up

    Now, if the discussion is one of low-income seniors, my comments may not apply, but from what I can gather, I imagine you guys are far from your geriatric years …

  • yev

    the montague key foods really isn’t that bad, especially compared to the gristedes. i’ve gotten some pretty good quality meat and fish from that key foods and the prices aren’t bad at all. gristedes, on the other hand, doubles the prices on everything. totally outrageous. it makes me furious when i see gristedes sale signs on items, where the sale price is still $2 too high. i can’t wait until trader joe’s moves into the area, with a delivery option. is that still happening?

  • Billy Reno

    Yes! Expect Trader Joe’s to open early ’08.

  • heights shopper

    montague key food is, in fact, an EXCELLENT store, with EXCELLENT selection GIVEN THE SPACE they have. most staffers are polite, and the registers are generally well staffed. the store DOES NOT smell, and it’s certainly cleaner than most city groceries. there’s no way those ripping this store shop there on a regular basis.

    as for prices, don’t get me started. fairway’s got lots of stuff, but it’s no bargain. if you shop with a good eye at key food, and stock up on their sale items (which are generally NOT limited to just one or two), you’ll do far better than at fairway.

    (don’t confuse montague key food with gristedes or the atlantic avenue key food, both of which are certainly inferior. but don’t bellyache about not having a good supermarket in the heights; lots of nearby areas, like boerum hill, cobble hill and carroll gardens, would kill for a store as nice as montague key food. INSTEAD, SUPPORT THE STORE AND SPEAK WITH MOHAMMED OR ANOTHER MANAGER TO ENCOURAGE FURTHER IMPROVEMENTS. you know, you won’t know what you had until it’s gone.)

  • Heights97

    Gotta agree with you, Heights Shopper. A friend visiting from Manhattan commented to me how clean and well laid out the Key Food is. And Mohammed is a great manager, always friendly and helpful.

  • T.K. Small

    I could not agree more with “Montague shopper”. Key Food on Montague Street is far better than your NYC average grocery store. Mohammed does a great job!

    As for the shuttle to Fairway, I actually live at 55 P 55 Pierrepont St, where the bus allegedly stops. This morning was the first I heard of it and there is absolutely no reference to the shuttle that I am aware of.

  • heightsdiho

    Hi – just a question for ABC regarding “join the CSA and p/u a week’s worth of cheap and organic food every Wednesday”. Sounds like a good option. What is the CSA – the Cranberry Street Association? Had no idea that the Unitarian Church had an organic market. Would be very interested in learning more. Thx.

  • Blake


    CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You pay a fee upfront to a farmer who then delivers a box of vegetables weekly (whatever’s in season that week) to a central pickup location, such as a church. Below is a link to one in Brooklyn Heights.

    However, usually you have to sign up for these at the start of the summer, so you may be too late this year.

  • cleanfood

    Fairway is both unionized and FILTHY!What you cannot see in the common areas is MUCH scarier than anything you can imagine crawling around at gristedes or key food.

  • heightsdiho

    Thanks for the info Blake!

  • CH CSA

    There’s also a Cobble Hill CSA, but it’s filled up for the 2007 season. Check back in March of 2008!