Driver Plows Bus Shelter

UPDATE: Fox 5 News has video and photos of the crash scene.

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that at around 1:30 pm today a car lost control and rammed into the bus shelter on Court Street near Borough Hall.  The late model Nissan narrowly missed hitting shoppers at today’s Farmer’s Market. The report says that 5 people, including the driver, sustained injuries.

Brooklyn Eagle: Car Crash…: “I saw people all hysterical and three people lying on the ground in very great pain,” said Bermard Gamz, of the Kosher Court deli at 16 Court St. “I saw a court officer with the driver, trying to calm her.” (Full Story)

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  • nabeguy

    That bend from Cadman Plaza West onto Court Street has got to be one of the most dangerous corners in the city, and completely exacerbated by people double parking their cars along the way, which the driver of this car apparently had been doing according to the report in AM news. IMHO, there should be speed bumps on the west side of the stretch of CPW from Pierrepont to Montague to slow cars down before they hit that bend, as it’s impossible to see pedestrians or double parked cars until it’s too late.