Levin Launches New Website

Our new guy in the NYC Council (D-33), Steve Levin,  has launched a website according to  the  hot press release just received by BHB:

“I am excited to announce my new website, stephenlevind33.wordpress.com. I have launched this website so that all residents of the 33rd Council District can easily contact me, share information, and find out about events throughout this district. As Councilmember, my number one priority is my constituents and this website will be an excellent resource for residents of Brooklyn,” Levin says in the presser.

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  • Quinn Raymond

    Wow, that URL doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But good to see he has a site.

  • Andrew Porter

    I fell in love with that photo of his kitty when I first saw it. The cat looks mesmerized by the camera.