NY Times on Five Guys Burgers and Fries

NY Times: Dining Briefs: Five Guys asserts that it cooks its burger ($3.59 to $6.19) to a juicy well done. The reality is drier than that, but the ultimate shortcoming of the patties (regular burgers come with two, stacked atop one another; small burgers are single-patty affairs) isn’t their firmness or near-dryness, but that they are not particularly salty or griddle-charred or beefy. Or particularly anything. Just hamburgers.

You think the burgers are that dry at Five Guys

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  • Publius

    I agree with the NYT review. Five Guys is decent, but Shake Shack and the venerable In \’n Out in Fornicalia have little to worry about.

    Five Guys has good fries. (sounds like an old Beastie\’s lyric)

  • spring

    With Five Guys, it’s about the toppings. For a juicy patty, you go elsewhere.

  • FindAnotherCause

    I like the burgers just fine. Overstuffed shirts from the NYT aren’t worth their weight in plagarism, so what the hell difference does it make?

  • marco

    I agree with spring. It’s the toppings. I love Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and I’m happy they chose Brooklyn Heights to open their first shop in NYC.

  • http://www.filmbrain.com Filmbrain

    Went there for the first time about a week ago. Was extremely disappointed with the burger, which tasted more like it was steamed than grilled. A dull, lifeless burger.

  • LC21

    Five guys isn’t the best burger you’ll ever have but the place is still pretty darn good. I personally don’t think New Yorkers have much taste when it comes to burgers. I see people raving about places like Stand and bLT Burger and Five Guys is definitely better than those places. There is a great, cheap burger place in the east village on 2nd ave and 5th St. or so, I think called Paul’s… they make a great burger.

  • http://www.hillsidedogs.org Beavis

    Two words: Shake Shack.

  • frank

    5 Guys is proof that you can sell junk food in just about any neighborhood. A perfect complement to Ricky’s “junk” face food and naughty maid costumes for your wife and daughter on “that special night.”

  • Truth Williams

    Frank, please double your medication.

  • Hannah

    Stand and BLT are nothing compared to the Burger Joint, that greasy, movie-postered back room at the Parker Meridien on 56th st b/w 5th & 6th.

  • joe

    burgers are just ok though much better than macdonalds or burger king. Pete’s is better and in-n-out is the best.

  • ms

    Actually I was a little nervous when I saw this coming. I got addicted in DC. They have these insane cajun fries too. But it isn’t the kind of stuff you bring home, eat it there while frest.