Montague Starbucks Booking?

Thanks to "lady montague" for pointing out this item from yesterday's Eagle:

Brooklyn Eagle: Street Beat: The second item, regarding Starbucks looking to get out of its lease on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights, is a real shocker. As they are known for putting so much effort in demographic and foot traffic research when deciding where to open their stores, we are pressed to remember when one of these gems have closed. Ever? We are not sure how quiet they intend to be, but the lease, which has years to go on it, is on the market.

Given the fact that there's another Starbucks a few blocks away on Court Street this wouldn't be such a devastating blow for the neighborhood… or would it? 

Is it time for all Brooklyn Heights residents who hold Starbucks stock (Homer included) to dump it as a sign of protest? 

Discuss below. 

Photo: Cat in the Hat and Spidey storytime at Starbucks by Homer Fink

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  • bettyann parker-amico

    Starbucks has never been a favorite of mine-their coffee is mediocre and overpriced–but they are infinitely better than the only other Montague-Street alternative, Connecticut Muffin, where the coffee is swill, the bathroom frequently dirty, and the service among the rudest I’ve ever encountered.

  • Stratford

    If you want to let Starbucks know how you feel, send them an e-mail on their website. Tell them you want the store to stay, or that it is an important fixture in the neighborhood, or whatever. If you have complaints about management, cleanliness or other things you can also send those.

  • Peter

    LOL. Some of you guys are completely retarded. Those of you who characterize Starbuck’s coffee as “swill” are truly stupid, or sadly deluded.

    First of all, there’s no such thing as “Starbuck’s coffee”. They have like 15 coffees, ranging from the very lightly roasted to the thick dark black roast. They have different coffees made from beans that hail from around the globe.

    Calling Starbuck’s coffee “swill” is as freakin moronic as saying “there’s no good pizza outside of NYC”. Get a clue.

    No, I don’t like every Starbuck’s coffee. There are some I really can’t stand, for example, anything made from Guatemalan beans. They taste “tinny” to me. But even the coffees I dislike are still strong. Very strong. And on those days, I just put milk and sugar in my coffee rather than drink it black, and everything is fine.

    Now if you want to talk about swill, Connecticut Muffin’s meager selection of coffee is weak and tastes like nobody washes the coffee makers with soap. I smell and taste rancid coffee oils anytime I get coffee there. The people who work there are often unfriendly. It’s tiny.

    Don’t like Starbuck’s coffee? Prefer the crap from Connecticut Muffin? OK, if you want to delude yourself, fine. This is the country, after all, that voted George Bush into office twice in a row and may very well vote Hillary, Giuliani, or Huckabee into office. We have lots of deluded people.

    However, Starbuck’s provides a clean bathroom, is a great place to sit and chill with friends, generates a tremendous amount of foot traffic that benefits the rest of the stores on Montague, and the workers there are really friendly. Over priced? Yeah. But if you’re living on or near Montague, you’re probably not doing too badly. I consider the 2.28 money well spent.

    Go into Starbuck’s at 11:30 on a weekday. I’ll betcha you get your coffee for free or else get an espresso drink for free. When they get to know you they’ll often give you pastries for free. The workers there are SO customer friendly.

    The neighborhood will definitely suffer without Starbucks. Mark my words. We’re going to get another bank or cellphone store that generates zero traffic. Won’t have clean public bathrooms. Won’t have a friendly staff. Won’t be a nice place to chat with neighborhood friends.