Checking Out the New Lawn at Pier 1

BHB’s Karl Junkersfeld checks out the new grass at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1.  Access was granted to the lawn for the first time this week.  Oh and NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED there.

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  • No One of Consequence

    Score one for the dog haters.

  • my2cents

    I can’t wait to try it out! Glad I won’t have to dodge any turds when i put my blanket down.

  • Not a dog hater

    No One of Consequence:

    There is a huge dog run less than 2 minutes walk from the new Pier 1 Park. From the Pier 1 entrance, cross Furman, cut through Doughty, take a right and the entrance is about 100 feet up the hill. It’s a much better place for the pooches to have fun.

  • jb

    I hate that dogs aren’t allowed there. It’s not so much to let the dogs run (which, yes, they can do at the dog run). It’s to let them sit with their owners, have a picnic, play with your kids, whatever.

  • Matthew Parker

    I’m grateful that dogs are allowed on leash and on path at BBP. Recall that the State-run Fulton Ferry park doesn’t allow dogs at all. Dog owners are one of the largest park going consituency groups in NYC, for almost any park.

    There are a large number of dog-friendly spots in the areas including: Hillside (largest enclosed dog run in NYC), Cadman Plaza (9-9 offleash area), Dumbo Park dog run, and the soon to be opened enclosed dog run in BBP on Pier 6. This area is very dog-friendly and has a large number of options for dog owners.

    While in my experience the vast majority of dog owners are responsible (I’ve lived in NYC since ’66 way before the poop scoop laws and remember what it was like back then), there are a small number who don’t pick up poop (which infuriates me).

    I’m personally pleased that the decision was made to allow dogs in the park, but not on the grass. Unfortunately, the 1-5% of dog owners who are irresponsible and don’t pick up poop or obey leash laws means that there needs to be public park areas where dogs are not allowed. Just IMHO. I’m sure others might disagree with me. And also not to get too graphically technical about dog poop, but even when responsible owners do pick up, depending on the dog and digestive vagaries, there’s often some “residue” remaining, particularly on grass.

    Still, watch out for that bird turd on the grass. I’ve seen some Canadian Geese grazing at 1BBP. But that’s nature folks.

  • skunky

    I love how dog owners think that they should be allowed to let their dogs relieve themselves anywhere, and that only poop is considered objectionable enough to pick up. I live in a large condo building where owners think it’s reasonable to allow their dogs to urinate on the steps or immediately in front of the building, leaving a urine trail running down the sidewalk. I’m pretty sure most dog owners don’t really care where their dog urinates just as long as it isn’t inside.

  • jorale-man

    Allowing dogs but restricting them to the paths seems like a sensible solution. In the grand scheme of things, I’d frankly be much more annoyed by smokers in new park, especially ones who leave their cigarette buts on the ground. So far the clean-up crews in there have been good at keeping that to a minimum.

  • Snoopy

    As a long-time resident of Dumbo, I can tell you that the vast majority of the filth in BBP (Dumbo) is, and always has been, from homo sapiens. The rats (and lately it has been hords of them) that populate the rocks in the park are there to forage through the garbage bins that are overflowing with everything from spilled soda and beer to half-eaten Grimaldis pizzas and Starbucks pastries and Jacques Torres truffles, not to mention similar samplings left beneath benches, tossed in the brush, or discarded on the beach. I assure you, no dog is responsible for this mess. To Skunky: dogs may pee all over the sidewalk, but, by and large, dogs are far cleaner than humans (not to mention more loving, funnier, more charming, and more pleasant to be around). And you, not so much. Woof.

  • my2cents

    Skunky has a point. I have often pondered why children wear diapers but dogs don’t, especially since dogs serve the purpose of children for so many people. On the flip side,when I visited China, it was not uncommon to see a parent allowing a child to urinate in a public place. I think it’s a funny set of mores where creatures of similar sizes have such different rules. I’m not trying to start an argument about kids vs. dogs. I am just making an odd observation that has occurred to me from time to time for what it’s worth (not much).

  • nelson

    frightening that people of dumbo and NY at large have apparently never had grass to roll in, mow and otherwise maintain. Frightening!

  • mike

    While there are clearly a (maybe small) portion of dog owners who dont clean up after their dogs – we can see proof of this everywhere in BH, I think it is ridiculous that a park “ranger,” or whatever that guy was, tried to give me a ticket for having my dog laying on a BLANKET on her leash next to me on the lawn.

    I didnt let her urinate, deficate, or even walk on the grass, just picked her up, carried her to a blanket, and was sitting enjoying the sun and the New York Times when I was threatened with a ticket. I understand not wanting to ruin the lawns, but not letting them sit on a blanket is a bit much.

    Hillside dog park is not a solution as one will clearly not sit on the floor there and relax.

    Also, regarding Skunky’s point, I believe that there is a law that dogs should be curbed – that is they should be made to do their business by the curb – maybe there should be some more signs, so dogs arent pissing on your condo stairs?

  • nabeguy

    Or maybe, Mike, they should start handing out even more tickets for violators. Rules are rules, so don’t invoke them unless you’re willing to live by them. Matthew is the only dog owner I’ve heard so far who makes sense.

  • BHgirl

    Another great job, Karl!

  • David on Middagh

    “I think it is ridiculous that a park “ranger,”… tried to give me a ticket for having my dog laying on a BLANKET on her leash next to me on the lawn.”

    It would be nice if the park could look the other way for sessile, behaved dogs with responsible owners. But the City could be sued if such a dog later bit someone. And people with larger dogs might complain about the differing enforcement.

    I notice that bike riders are required to dismount before entering the park proper, even though it would take a really irresponsible or incompetent rider to hit someone. Clearly, the powers that be are going for a calm, quiet atmosphere that dogs and bike riding might jeopardize.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Thanks. I was starting to feel that the theme of the film was about dog crap disposal or lack of it rather than some beautiful space for all to enjoy.

    Guess viewers see a beautiful space and concerned that it will turn to shit.

    Gottal love blogland.

    For my next film, I’m going to film dog shit on grass and hope that viewers will talk about the beautiful grass underneath it. lol

  • soulman

    Actually, bike riders are much more of a nuisance in the Heights than dog owners and I’m both (dog owner and bike rider – never a nuisance). I completely agree with Matthew – I love my dog and we’ve walked in the new park several times, but humans need dog-free grass to lie on too. 99% of dog owners in this area are responsible, but there are those who let their dogs pee on cars and buildings, go out without bags, etc., just as there seem to be many bikers who ignore signs, lights, old people, people pushing strollers and … walking dogs.