Open Thread Wednesday 10/10/07


Sure you might be a little pent up, so let it out here on OTW:

Montague Street — chains vs. Mom & Pops 

Mailer can still kick your arse 

Hate vandals on the loose 


20 Henry Street deal closed. Is Poplar Street soon to be the new hotspot

And tonight, it's Homer Fink's Family Fists of Fury at Magnetic Field (97 Atlantic Avenue). The fun starts at 8pm. If you'd like to play this Family Feud-ish game show, come by at 7:30 to sign up.  

Late off-topic addition:  After YouTube infamy, is Staten Island's main in the City Councilman James Oddo on track to be the next Mayor of NYC? We woulda backed Yassky, but he's running for Comptroller.

Warning video NSFW

Flickr photo by nedward

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  • Vishnu Jones

    I wish we had a Lush store on Montague. Me likey bath bubbles. And as for 20 Henry, those Mitchell Lama tenants had enough of a free ride back in the day.



  • steve

    Under “some good news,” file this: The Department of Environmental Protection was hard at work today fixing the pothole (sinkhole?) in front of the EHS dorm on Clark Street.

  • JL

    Agreed, that things was only gonna keep getting bigger.

    Now, if we could just stop the EHS students from screaming all night outside the dorm entrance. So annoying and no one does anything to stop them! (I have called their front desk at night, and they say they can’t do much or “will take a look”).

  • ABC

    what’s EHS?

  • JL

    BTW, show your Zipcard at the following for 25% off (from Zipcar email):
    Busy Chef at 60 Henry Street Brooklyn
    Lilli at 111 Court Street, Brooklyn
    Oven at 60 Henry Street, Brooklyn
    Uncommon Grounds at 50 Henry Street, Brooklyn
    The Blue Pig at 121 Maple St. in Croton-o- Hudson, 151 East 43rd Street in Manhattan, and 60 Henry Street in Brooklyn

  • Jerome Watkins

    Has Busy Chef even been paying the rent on time? And he’s opening up another place? geez!

  • hoppy

    Re: JL
    What is “Lilli” at 111 Court St? That’s where that pathetic jazz bar/club used to be….

  • JL

    Sorry hoppy, no idea, never been. I just copied it from a Zipcar email I recieved, figured people wouldn’t mind a little discount. :) Enjoy.

  • beth

    Had another absolutely disgusting experience at Peas and Pickles this morning (a box of oatmeal INFESTED). Why can’t we have a decent place to shop for groceries in the north Heights? Why exactly?

  • fishermb

    Lill is the closed cafe between Schermerhorn and State, but who’s to complain, 25% is better than nothing.

  • brooklynbee

    I believe Lilli is the misspelled version of Lily, the super cute and rather reasonably priced clothing boutique on Court Street.

  • GHB

    Beth, I had a similar experience there with a box of pasta. I’ll never buy anything there in a box, only cans, airtight containers or jars.