Lookin’ at Montague Street

BHB’s Karl Junkersfeld takes us through the history of Montague Street…Part 1.

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  • AEB

    Nice, Karl, thanks! As for Montague in the Stockard Channing clip: plus ca change….

  • Heather Quinlan

    Well done! I’m sorry I missed the Old Hungary Restaurant.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Old Hungary lasted a year or two after I moved here in 1983. It was a charming spot with well-prepared, satisfying food, run by a sweet old couple who, perhaps inevitably, decided to retire to a sunnier clime. It was replaced, for a while, by a place with the name Rock Pasta, which I was never tempted to try, fearing dental damage.

    The movie clip reminded me that, when I first arrived, Variety Mart still had the “five and ten” format. You don’t see that any more.

  • nabeguy

    Great work Karl , as always. A treat for the mind, eye, ears and heart.

  • hoppy

    A pointless question for the old timers-

    The final scene of “Without a Trace” showed Kate Nelligan coming out of a supermarket where the Love Lane CVS is now. Was D’Agostino’s at that location back in 1982, or was it some other company?

  • bornhere

    hoppy – There was a D’Ag’s there, which I think was the best supermarket the Heights ever had (except for the Bohack’s that preceded it in the same location, with its second entrance on College Place); then they renovated it, it never really worked quite right (although it looked really nice), then they changed managers, and then … that was the end.

  • John Wentling

    Used to fish for change under the grate at Bohack. :)

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Here is scene hoppy is referring to:


  • John Wentling

    Very nice work Karl.

  • benita berman

    Well done, Karl!! Very nostalgic. Keep them coming. Did you do the continuation of the Cadman Plaza piece?

  • Sticky

    Dag’s used to run this neighborhood. Those delivery men were busting their butts all day! Now Fresh Direct has taken over.

  • Marianne

    Beautiful montage of Montague Street way back when! Good job, Karl.

  • Nancy

    I miss D’ags!!!
    Old Hungary. I met the couple in Florida a few years after they left. The opened a restaurant with the same name in Lauderdale, but it closed after a few years.

  • jorale-man

    Great stuff! That scene from the movie was a trip. That shot went on forever and there were so many people walking down the block then. I wonder if that kind of street traffic was typical for Montague in the early 80s, or if the film’s producers thought it made it seem more like a “New York street” by adding more pedestrians.

  • shamrock

    What a wonderful piece! As a longtime BH resident, it’s things like this that remind me of how special the neighborhood really is. Kudos to you for producing it!