River Deli: Nearly Open for Business?

river-deliIt’s been quite a week for Joralemon St., what with the secret subway entrances and all. But almost flying under the radar is news that the kraft paper in the widows of Joralemon and Columbia will finally be torn down and a new River Deli may be open for business soon.

This morning I happened upon the owner, Andrea Mocci, as he was painting the doorway, and asked when the restaurant would be ready. “In a week or two, hopefully,” he chuckle-sighed, which lead me to believe he’d been dealing with the peculiar joys of red tape. However, a peek inside revealed a nearly-finished bistro-looking joint, with checkered tiles and gigantic espresso machine. Contrary to the name, River Deli won’t be a deli at all but an Italian restaurant and wine bar—I know there had been some groaning in the past about another (possibly mediocre) Italian place coming our way, but Columbia Place houses some wonderful gems (i.e. Iris Café), so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Andrea was a little shy about both himself and the restaurant being photographed, so the above photo is the best of a sneek peak. But feel free to wander down to Joralemon and Columbia and welcome him to the neighborhood.

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  • jorale-man

    It’s nice to see some activity in that corner of the Heights. Iris Cafe is almost a victim of its own success on weekends. You can never get a seat there. But that’s a good problem to have for a cafe owner.

  • Linda

    Mr. Mocci seems to be on the right track. It is delightfu to welcome both this Italian restaurant and Iris Cafe to our neighborhood.
    Iris Cafe will have a second one day outpost at the Willowtown Fair on Saturday May 15th, 12 noon to 5 PM. The location is Willow Place between Joralemon and State.

  • Heather Quinlan

    Am wondering if it might lead to Iris Cafe staying open later, at least on weekends. Could be a nice dinner and coffee combo.