Hot Property or Sinkhole?

DumboNYC reports that the long vacant and available buildings at 11-15 Old Fulton Street are under contract but that there may be issues with the property: 

When we last looked at this trio of townhouses when they came on the market back in January, they were priced at $7.5 million. They were reduced to $7 million, and according to the Massey Knakal website, they are now under contract.

Most would agree that this is a great location just on the border of Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights, with views of Manhattan, but commenter Ilene said:

“I inquired about one of those buildings a few years ago and was told there are severe structural issues with them, and the land they sit on. Something about the water table I think. Walentas would have long ago snapped them up if they could be salvaged or torn down for a reasonable fee. Too bad, I think that Old Fulton could really become a great gateway for the neighborhood and coming park if those eyesores would go away.”


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  • anon

    well, let’s see these are little brick and wood buildings built about 160 years ago and vacant for about thirty years -do you think they may need some work inside? The benighted community association, who are the biggest bunch of reactionary obstructionists around, have managed to quash every prior proposal for these buildings.

  • lakisha

    couldn’t agree more with you ANON!when will it ever end???

  • Christy

    These buildings are landmarked and I’m glad prior plans got vetoed. They probably were completely out of character with the neighborhood. However this time it looks like they got Landmark’s approval to add another floor and the city re-zoned it as well. Check out the actual listing details.

    The NYC Board of Standards and Appeals, as lead agency, has determined that the 11-15 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn (BSA Cal. No. 136-06-BZ-CEQR No. 06BSA106K) will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. Public comment period ends January 24, 2007. The action involves a Zoning variance under § 72-21 to allow the residential conversion and one-story enlargement of three (3) existing four (4) story buildings. The proposed development violates use (§ 42-00), FAR (§ 43-12), and rear yard (§ 43-26 & § 43-27) regulations. The project would include ground floor retail space and twelve (12) dwelling units on the upper floors. The project is located at 11-15 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn (Block 35, Lots 7, 8, & 9).