This Week’s Gossip Girl All Up in the Nabe


Gothamist's recap of last night's Gossip Girl is about how all the scenes from this week's episode were shot in Brooklyn Heights:

Gothamist: Gossip Girl's Field Trip to Brooklyn Heights: While last week was definitely Long Island City week on Gossip Girl, this week's version of the "exclusive" Upper East Side dropped squarely in Brooklyn Heights. The opening scene, featuring some sort of perverted choir singing Fergie's "Glamorous," was shot on location at Packer Collegiate Institute's 3rd floor chapel. The gang revisited Packer later on at the contrived 'Ivy' reception, which went down in the school's backyard garden. From there, the gang didn't have to travel too far for their extracurriculars. The fantastic field hockey practice/Serena-Blair catfight took place only a few blocks away from the school at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge in Cadman Plaza Park.

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  • Homer Fink

    At 8:50 minutes in on the full ep stream, there’s a girl’s lacrosse game scene shot on the Cadman Plaza turf.

  • fishermb

    I embarassingly have it saved on my tivo, just because I live in the building that directly faces Packer’s courtyard and saw them filming aforementioned shots, I’ll check it out over the weekend-

  • nelson

    Key food—Why are the register people there so unfriendly?
    It can’t be an interesting job, but it is a job and we of the neighborhood shop there and pay inflated prices. Couldn’t we expect some courtsey. (in all honesty, there are two employees that are always nice.)