Brooklyn Heights Choppers: Could a Quiet Period or Cutback in Traffic be On the Way?

NBC New York covered the Chop the Choppers issue last night.  The report ends with this interesting tidbit:

NBC New York: Meantime, a spokesperson for the EDC [Economic Development Corporation] told me the city is working to develop a “New York Air Tour Management Plan to address the concerns.”

He said the plan will likely further limit the hours of operation of air tours and we should learn more in the coming weeks.

This could mean relief – or at least a step in the right direction – is on its way.

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  • Bagley

    This morning (Mon.) there were choppers everyhwere and the noise was still pretty unbearable. I hope the EDC actually follows through with this promise.

  • vjc

    There is no such thing as ‘quiet periods’ as all those that live close to the water in Brooklyn Heights already know. This constant roar in the sky is so irritating that it’s never welcome let alone six hours a day versus eight!

  • Arianna

    Today, April 15, it has been constant helicopter noise from 10:am on. No let up, no pauses between flights just a constant drone. It’s impossible to work with all the noise. It is hell in the beautiful new park. You can’t think, or enjoy the peace and quiet we spent so much time and money building. The helicopters are so low you can smell the fuel. The children cannot hear what their parents are saying. This is an outrage and completely unnecessary. We do not need helicopter tourism. GET RID OF THEM!!!