Eagle Looks at Ozu

The Brooklyn Eagle profiles Ozu the Japanese eatery that opened last week at 78 Clark Street.   Writer Samantha Sherman drops some  mad knowledge –the restaurant boasts a sushi chef from the world famous Nobu:

Brooklyn Eagle: Joining Xu and Liu in their new Brooklyn Heights location is their sushi chef, who hails from the renowned Manhattan restaurant Nobu.

As Americans continue to recognize the dietary benefits of fresh fish, Liu wants this restaurant to be a place where all Brooklyn residents, not just Heights locals, can come for a healthy, personable and delicious dining experience. Liu also hopes to expand his clientele, drawing upon new developments nearby and the restaurant’s proximity to the Clark Street subway station.

I was in for a treat when I sat down to lunch on Wednesday to sample what Liu had told me were some “fantastic” customer favorites.

First came what they call “Oyster Yaki” — four sautéed and fried oysters, served in the half shell, sitting in a light garlic, butter and lemon sauce. The texture was surprisingly satisfying, and even though it was fried, it was not greasy at all. The sauce was flavorful but didn’t overpower. Even if you’re not an oyster fan, you’ll probably like this dish.

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  • nabeguy

    I suspect that Nobu is becoming the Ray’s of the sushi world.

  • north heights res

    Just got some take-out–grand opening = 15% off. Portions are generous, fish is fresh–so far so good! Love Iron Chef, but so far, this place has a lot to recommend it: good food & atmosphere.

  • TheBear

    Had delivery from there a few days ago, an assortment of non sushi appetizers, california rolls and a udon soup.
    Everything was very good. My only issue was the udon soup was a little bland and more noodle and very little soup.
    Also, the woman who answered and took the order was very hard to understand on the phone, with a very heavy accent.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    I ordered from there last week and the food was fantastic. Big portions and the delivery time was quick quick quick.

  • Monty

    What did he do at Nobu? Wash the rice? There was a place that opened on Court St a few years back that was opened by someone from Jean-Georges. It was mediocre and closed in a year. Not bashing Ozu (haven’t tried it yet), but take this with a grain of salt.

  • Matthew Parker

    FWIW, I gave Ozu 2 out of 5 stars on Yelp. Hibino and Iron Chef have nothing to worry about: http://mattparker.yelp.com

  • dimsumeater

    steer clear of the scallop appetizer which features tiny things which might be microscallops or chopped up scallops in a huge puddle of orange goo similar to that on the salad.

    Oyster app was OK, teriyaki had carrotts and stringbeans, oddly.

    Maybe Gristede can open a sushi bar which would make it 4 sushi joints on all four corners of Henry and Clark.

  • eva

    We ate at Ozu on Sat night. We thought the sushi, in general, was excellent and very fresh. The kids had tempura that they enjoyed as well as a fried rice dish. The service was very good and our waitress was great with the kids. We ate on the early side and there was a good crowd. All in all, despite yet another Japanese restaurant addition to the neighborhood, we really enjoyed our meal and I thought it was actually better quality than Iron Chef which is often hit or miss. We would definitely return for another meal.

  • harumph

    bc of all the good reviews, called and ordered last night (Sunday) – yuck! Anyone that thinks pickled ginger from a jar and sub par rolls are what Japanese food is all about, you are in luck. Otherwise, the rest of us will march on to other, much better places (Hibino included).

  • another jen

    I enjoyed dinner at ozu last night, nice fish and wonderful waitstaff. the crispy duck roll was delicious! the internet never ceases to amaze with the cranky naysayers. The restaurant did a great job on updating the interior as well.

  • hickster

    what is the obsession with iron chef. they are really not that good.

  • http://crankyactress.com Cranky

    Love the decor – and love the food. Am now addicted to the Clark Roll – so delicious. Much more comfortable than Iron Chef. They are very nice – just wish they would lose the TV – but I’ll be back.

  • anony


  • P.Ong

    I am a regular Iron Cheft customer until I found out they secreted charged me more then was the stated price in the menu. I pointed that out and the owner’s mistress said they had raised the price dispite the menu price printed remain the same. I thought that was against the law. My principal got the best out of me and now I order from Ozu. I find the portion generous portion, less crowed, nice ambience and taste wise compatible if not better and fresher in certain dishes. I like their fried oyster best. Would eat there anytime. I highly recommend this restaurant.