Mr. Junkersfeld Goes to Ozu

BHB’s Karl Junkersfeld checks out Ozu at 78 Clark Street.  Did he like it? Let’s go to the videotape….

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  • Matthew Parker

    Thanks Karl for another great vid. I’m also a Hibino fan. I dream of Hibino’s lightly fried tofu in the mushroom broth.

  • HeightsDiva

    I’m addicted to Iron Chef House’s Sushi, it’s like crack.
    Ozu would have to be pretty amazing to convert me.
    Although looking at the size of the place I wish Iron Chef had moved into that space to lessen wait times.

  • tb

    The other day a crowd of teenagers may or may not have been giving the owner a hard time. I hear screams and undetermined items were being thrown. Anyone know anything about this?

  • Nancy

    I had it delivered last night. Spicy salmon roll, 12 pieces for $5, plus 15% off, and the hawiian mago roll-$9. plus 15% off. It was delicious. Rice was soft, fish was fresh. I am very, very satisfied. I don’t like Iron Chef; I’ve gotten sick each time I have eaten there.

  • PJL

    Never had a problem with Iron Chef (and their delivery is always very quick).

  • AEB

    Thanks, Karl. What do people make of the proliferation of Japanese restaurants in the nabe?

    I suppose the food is seen as “light” and “more healthful” than, say, Chinese cooking, thus more desirable…..

  • GHB

    Ozu was an awesome director!

  • Homer Fink

    Thanks Karl for your great report.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had to moderate more that 7 comments emanating from the same IP addresses. All of them were very “enthusiastic” about Ozu. These comments – aka astroturfing or shilling – were direct violations of our Terms of Service.

    If you are a business owner and wish to plug your business, you must identify yourself as the owner of the business. If you are a “social media marketing company” be advised that all of your IP addresses will be blocked. Please contact us – webmaster AT brooklynheightsblog dot com – if you’d like to discuss.


  • nabeguy

    As always, great reporting Karl. Looks like a great space that may touch my aesthetic nerve enough to actually sample their food, although I admit to not being a devotee of Pacific Rim food. Maybe some Negamaki

  • Kily AZ

    Atmosphere, atmosphere! You will be pleasantly surprised – a clean place to relax in its soft music. Gracious service with top grade food and price rather reasonable.

    We enjoyed the grand opening night and cherished its delicious bento boxes which were created with delightful designs on beautiful china plates. Terriyaki, Negamaki, tampura and sushi were out of this world.
    They even surprised us with a complimentary fruit plater!!!

  • Billy Reno

    Nothin’ like a Pacific Rim, eh G.I. Joe?

  • John

    How does it compare to Ki in Cobble Hill?

  • dimsumeater

    There was a scallop appetizer which was swimming in an orange goo very similar to the salad dressing used in Japanese restaurants. Did not hit the mark. Sushi was OK but not as good as Iron Chef. Will try again.